“We should… get to dinner. Drack said he was making—”
“I heard. And I would rather stay here, like this.”

i had the opportunity to commission @lonicera-caprifolium, and i have to say that i couldn’t be more pleased with the result. i mean, c’mon! you can see how fluffy and perfect oberon looks. they were such a sweetheart, and honestly, i can’t wait to commission them again! pls go check out their work. ♡

I managed to nab another one of the amazing @projectnelm‘s commission slots and oh my goodness, I am just so incredibly in love with how this piece of Reevah and Thormrathis turned out! Christie is an absolute delight to work with and I adore this to bits. Thank you so much, they look absolutely perfect!


look at this commission of my @thearcanagame apprentice and Julian from @kerbabbles??? I’m so happy??? I’m just… screaming?? I keep staring at it like *eyezooms*

anyway, meet Laika, who’s so jumpy by nature that when she tried to run away from Julian in the shop and he pulled her back, she just straight up passed out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lowkey Julian’s like ‘……. this is Asra’s apprentice really’ yes Julian really

“I don’t know any spells to keep you warm, but I do have this scarf.”

hes lying.


Hello Black Lime i saw this drawing you did and i really wanted to color it i really love your art i hope that one day i can get as good as you. Also i love how you draw Choromatsu he is my sencond favorite Matsu Jyushimatsu being the first i hope you like how i colored it.

submitted by @nekonira

This has been sitting in my inbox for so long, I’m sorry I hadn’t posted it until now, I’ve been trying to think of exactly what to say and how to go about it and I really didn’t want to word it poorly. Mostly I think I just want to say thank you so much for the kind words about my art! I don’t know that I am good enough to be set a goal, but I really appreciate it!! QoQ Second of all I love the colours you chose~! If my style were just a little closer to the shows this could easily be a screen shot! I can tell you chose the colours carefully, I’m impressed you could figure out my messy lines”” OTL

Thank you again! I’ll keep doing my best!

I was so inspired by your glutton knight concept and Augustine that i had to to take a crack at a design! I hope you don’t mind..(Love your artwork so much!)

yoooOOOOOO, this looks fantastic! I love this guy! Really nice placement of teeth, and I’m super digging the sorta templar-esque vibe I’m getting off of him. Thank you so much for showing me!!! :o