art for homeschool


Watching the kids make art is, by far, one of my most favorite things. I love how cautious they are at first, careful to dip their brushes lightly into the puddle of paint, careful to make sure every bit of the previous color is clean from the bristles before selecting a new shade. 

It’s short lived, then they get more excited and carefree, dumping their brushes into three different colors and smushing the gloop around the canvas, barely cleaning the brushes off before dumping them into another rainbow of assorted colors. They discover, through play, what color they get when they mix yellow, blue and red together, they trade brushes and learn different techniques for utilizing them. I cringe at every mixed color and every bristle now permanently bent out of place, but it’s entirely worth it. 

Sometimes I’ll give them a task, but mostly I just like to set them up and let them go. I like to watch their processes, and to see their ideas come to life.