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Today is the birthday of a dear friend of mine. We met in 2013 and spent over a year observing each other’s from afar until she joined my FC during the autumn of 2014.
Then she played more and I dragged her everywhere so she could discover the dungeons, tanking for her as she was worried to heal some new places without a tank she knew at least a little.
After a fated fortune telling in october 2014, we began to RP more, until Ilwe’ran and Carina became a couple, during spring 2015. We got bonded OOC the 17th of may 2015 and Ilwe’ran proposed to Carina during starlight this same year.

So it’s been almost 3 years we know each other’s now, only half of it as RP partners and I really love her dearly. So today, as it’s her birthday,I wished to offer her something special and commissioned @luciasatalina as I know she adores her artworks.
I wish you a happy birthday @geisterfuchs ♥ !

~ Death - by @winsbuckart ~

Often thought as a black omen, Death is the symbol of endings as much as beginnings, renewals and changes.

Ilwe’ran, by his education split between two different Clans and cultures, has been raised to follow the steps of his Mother to become the next Harya of his native Clan. Unfortunately, while he was trying to get accepted by Nossë, a piece of Dalamud fell in their homeland, corrupting its aether and killing the majority of his people.
Following his Mother’s last demand, Ilwe’ran guided the Clan away from Aïwenor which became inhabitable, and reached the coasts of Eorzea several months after the beginning of their journey.

Seven years would pass before Ilwe’ran would return to his homeland in order to recover Parma, the artifact that was lost during their exodus. Seven years during which he was unofficially considered as the new leader of Nossë which became official when he came back with Parma.
Under his influence the Clan became more open to the outsiders, accepting new blood within their previously closed circle. He later allowed refugees from the Tribe - the other Clan he was raised within - to live in the Den, the home they left behind, bringing the peace between the two Clans which were previously in constant conflict.

Thanks to those change, Nossë could return to Aïwenor, joining the new community living within the Den and teaching them their traditions. Far from going extinct, the Clan could reborn thanks to the nontraditional decisions Ilwe’ran took and still takes for the best and the worse.

Thank you so much @winsbuckart for accepting my commission, you did an amazing work ♥ !


[ In the Arms of Sleep ]

I finally finished my half of my art trade with @nightmaze!

They mentioned that they adore sleep poses and so I really wanted to draw something fluffy and cute for them cause I absolutely love Ilwe and Carina! I think they are such a lovely and loving couple and both Muns are just absolutely fantastic. I’ve been sitting on this art trade for a while, as Life has happened for the both of us, but Ilwe’s been nothing but patient with me. Finally getting to work on it was exciting cause I’ve had this image in my head forever now!

So this is for you, my friend! Life’s been really tough for you lately and I really hope it turns around and you get lots of good that comes your way! I <3 you!!! Hang in there! <3

My work for @eorzean-art-exchange V-day art exchange event and you won’t guess who did I get as my partner  (/◕ヮ◕)/

I am really bad with holiday themed ‘inspiration’ but as I always loved the little story you created for how Ilwe got Selene and she is actually his familiar who helped him survive the aether weighted birthplace. 

I really wanted to illustrate the moment when he first creating her. 

So my work goes for @nightmazing the moment when they bond. Hope you enjoy it hun ! :>

(yes I was allowed to upload on my main blog like with the xmas event!)


Ilwe’ran & Carina’s wedding - by @perihn

This is a very very special commission I ordered to @perihn over a year ago to celebrate Ilwe’ran and Carina’s 3 years wedding the 18th of May 2008. We were supposed to use our alts (Enda and Ara Hlaiwa) to marry again but the second part of the plan couldn’t happen because of IRL problem (next year we’ll do it !).
This didn’t stop me to offer this fantastic art to @geisterfuchs in a very peculiar way.

Around December 2017 (if my memory isn’t at fault), I sent Carina a box with different posters of arts we collected through the years with 1 special she wasn’t allowed to look at. When I told her that she could finally open it, the 18th of May 2018, she admitted that she thought about this nagging gift she couldn’t have a look at since she received it and it was of course this special artwork in poster size and I can tell you it looks amazing in giant size.

I know it’s one of her favorite background for her computer and so it is for me. I cannot express my gratitude to @perihn for all the work she poured in this amazing commission, the details and time it took for all of it was above everything I ever expected.

nightmaze  asked:

*Appears in the kitchen, preparing a tea* Every high and every low you're gonna go through ♪ You don't have to be afraid I am with you ♪ In the moments you're so weak you feel like stopping ♪ Let the hope you have light the road you're walking ♪ You're gonna make it ♪ You're gonna make it ♪ And the night can only last for so long ♪ Whatever you're facing ♪ If your heart is breaking ♪ There's a promise for the ones who just hold on ♪ Lift up your eyes and see ♪ And the sun is rising ♥♥♥

~ Merry Christmas @geisterfuchs ♥ ! ~

My dear friend. Another year we spend together making new memories and growing closer than we were. We had some ups and some downs, sometimes together, other times life was unkind to us, but in the end, we’re still there, supporting each other as best as we can and that’s what matters the most.

Carina you’re my best friend, I know those words have little meaning to you as you don’t make the difference between your close friends, but to me it’s important to remind you that you’re different from my other friends. You’re the person who makes me smile when we’re together, you’re the one for whom I make some space and keep some time for. I think of you and what we share together very often and how it changed along that year to become stronger.

2018 will be the year during which we will meet IRL for the first time. I’m both terrified and excited about it. You know it’s a difficult step for me because of what happened with my previous RP partner and I’m glad to do it for you.
Let’s make 2018 better than 2017 was, if possible without this many health problems on our way.

I love you my friend.

Your Ilwe

This year I asked @moodyspoodys (whom you already know and did many pieces for us) to draw for the first time Sharada and Sany’a. Moody was nice enough to provide the idea and to offer to draw Carina and Ilwe’ran in the background as though they all were participating to the same feast.
I’m really fond of the result and I hope you will like it as well. As usual with Moody’s work, it’s a wallpaper which we can freely use and I can’t resist, I have to show you details.

Happy birthday @geisterfuchs ♥ !

This year it’s the amazing @lady-hero, the artist in charge of a lot of Reddit FFBE artworks who has been working on your birthday present. 
I asked her to think of a design for a kid Birka and En’to would have together and looking this beautiful kitten ? Don’t you think they’re adorable ?
I wish us a lot of fun incoming years together, exploring new characters’ stories or building ours the way we’re doing since years. Happy birthday my friend.

~ The Lady and her Knight ~

It’s been 6 months I didn’t draw those two together and while I began this one 4 months ago, I soon stopped as I couldn’t find what was bugging me with the pose.
I wanted to finish it yesterday for @geisterfuchs‘s birthday, it’s a little late but I hope it worth the wait ♥ 

This Pixel art is kind of a redraw of another one I did almost a year ago, which I still adore and was one of my first attempts to do something more complex than usual.

[[@dewdlepies]] - [[Previously]]

He looks up and sighs softly, “it’s always better to ask before judging. I am here only for a few days, not to open a shop in Kugane. My family is waiting for me in Eorzea. The only reason why I came is because some of my commissioners are curious about your region’s clothing and one of them paid for my journey so I could create an outfit inspired from your aesthetic.” He shrugs, “Since you’re a businessman yourself, you know how it is, and for once I saw no objection to their request as I was curious myself to discover this town.”

His third attempt to pick food proves that he understood how to use the chopsticks.. But his fingers betray him and he seems embarrassed as the sushi he selected falls back on the plate. It’s with ears slightly flattened and focusing like it was the most important task ever that he tries once more to bring the sushi to his mouth, this time successfully.
He enjoys the food as much as his victory before speaking again, “if I understand well, you would agree to help me in exchange of something.. What exactly would you like from me ?” He pauses, “Not friendship I assume.”