art for am

did you guys know I’m in love with this crooked ginger

Finally decided to try my hand at drawing some voltron and thought I’d get some practice in with a quick sketchy sketch of lancey lance.
From a scene that made my heart ache in one of my fave fics: Lilac Sweet by Star_Gazing_Knight 


To celebrate RWBY Volume 5, here’s a video edit of our favorite tough cookies giving life a taste of its own medicine! (no vol 5 spoilers)

Song: “I Am Here” by P!nk

Next time someone in lazytown fandom will be dumped by their secret friend on Secret Friend Day, just go to me, I will be your not secret friend.

@rotworld’s Levine. I know the photo is bad, but, incandescent lighting. I might take a better one tomorrow.
I’ll eventually draw out Jay and Rex as well.

Smol Filianore with smol Midir, whose design is heavily inspired by magnificent scaly sausage skink by @cursedandcarried (along with dem portado chips they are eating), also tagging @speedgnat since happy Midir.

Some more Inktober, yep