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@gro-ggy commissioned me to draw a set of Esmeralda pictures from @shenanimation‘s Scalie Schoolie for a friend of hers. Esmeralda has a very fun body type and I’m a fan of all of Shen’s work so it was just all in all a blast to draw! 




College Professors

Let Me Teach You A Little Something

  • Jimin- A Little Faster Baby
  • Jungkook- I’ll Teach You How To Feel Good
  • Taehyung- Take It Slow Love
  • Namjoon- Here Use This
  • Yoongi- Wanna Join Me?
  • Seokjin- It’s As Easy As Pie
  • Hoseok- Let Me Help

Asking you to start a family

Playing with your baby bump

You bring his Idol crush and keeping eye contact during a sexual performance

Biggest Kink

Cock Blocking

  • Jimin- Dude What The Hell?
  • Jungkook- Just Cause I’m Young
  • Taehyung- Well That Wasn’t The Plan
  • Namjoon- Can’t A Guy Get Some Privacy
  • Yoongi- You Should Be Running
  • Seokjin- Are You Kidding Me
  • Hoseok- That Was Unexpected

My Sick Hyung Jungkook (Sister Scenario)


GIF Sets-

Smut One Shots-


Namjoon- Un-Rude Awakening

                  Too Much? Too Bad!

                  This Will Only Hurt for a Minute (Vampire Smut)

                  Expensive Girl

                  Let’s Try Something New



Jimin- 2J Threesome

           Let Me Show You What I Can Do

Taehyung- Prove It!

Jungkook- Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself

                    Saturday Afternoon

                    2J Threesome

                    Tell Me What To Do

Fluff One Shots-




Hoseok- Scars To Your Beautiful

Jimin- Outcasts Like us Need to Stick Together

            Baby You Didn’t Have To

            I Just Want To Be With You


Jungkook- MAMA 2016 Incident



Romance in Rivendell (working title): Part 3.

Part 1 | Part 2

Celebrían believes she has deeply insulted Lord Elrond and suffers internal torment. Galadriel believes her daughter is overreacting but Brían is a grown Elleth now and must make her own mistakes choices. 

Next time: Lord Gil-Galad pays visit, and finds an interesting development in Imladris ;)

Finally a drawing of my most recent DND character!

This is Cornelius Guggul, an arrogant, chaotic neutral outcast of a small pyromancer community. His only love in life aside from his deceased parents is fire. He will burn down everything you love and yourself included if offended, which happens very very easily.

Additional backstory under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any spare time in your life to help curious learners give some lessons on art? I mean, however bad you think you are in teaching others, you can still be some aid, at least by sharing what you experience during creating art

I dont really have time to do that, im sorry…  im not an art teacher, and i feel my experiences are of little value. so instead i hope this list of resources made by others can help you more than i can:

Art Youtube Channels:

Free Online Courses on a ton of subjects (including art!)


Inspiration & Stories:

Archives & Free Resources:






*“Art of” Books:

Remember, a resource post is nothing if you dont use it. You can watch videos and click links all day, but nothing replaces putting the time in to draw. You get best at what you do most. Draw the most, and you will get good at it. I promise.

good luck!!!

Finished up the thing I’ve been working on of Bagga and his Elffriend, Flaire! (Based on a character I got from the Queso Queen @ask-wiggles herself!)

Daror (or Darora) De’Flaire is an Artificer with a focus in Alchemy, and often uses their skills to enchant makeup of their own invention as well as other items to help others to be the best them they want to be! Flaire is genderfluid and uses their skills to also alter their appearance depending on how they feel that day. They adore their odd skelly boyfriend very much, and it sometimes takes Bagga a little off guard.

Even without the range of expression he used to have, it’s still easy to see his shift in emotions. Considering the involvement of fire in his death, it’s sort of tied to him now and when his face is ‘burning’ it often appears to do so literally. It’s more of a visual manifestation than a physical one, however, but he does get more warm to the touch. (He’s already surprisingly warm and cozy if you’re brave enough for a hug.)

i’ve got a big exam tomorrow so here’s an FF buttercup to punch my stress away


in my comic Phoenix Flair, all of the named Avazons (magical girls, basically) are themed around birds. since it will be some time before the main chararcters’ Avazon forms will show up in comic, i wanted to show off how a typical Avazon looks!

Saberwing is based off the Violet Sabrewing hummingbird, and wields, obviously, a saber. Empress is based off the Emperor Penguin and has ice-based abilities

the qualifications for an Avazon design are A) must include the Pelestear Heart,  b) must include the “wings”, and C) must have a rad-diculous name

Cool two-sides background?? IDK if it’ll work but you can try. Anyway! This is another digital art i did because i still only have a mouse so i might as well practice right? Anyway this is Cerulean and Mono which you can check out at @ask-twosides and twosides is @elizabethflaire‘s awesome comic! which you should also check out! but yeah thats all i have to say really.

Ok, last piece of Bagga spam for the night, but sharing the smooches was important. 

Just a wip right now, but something with Bagga’s magical genderfluid Elffriend, Daror(a) De’Flaire (based on a character that I got from wonderful ol’ @ask-wiggles!)

 Bagga gave up on ever really having a romantic relationship with well… anyone after he was brought back as an undead but love finds a way. He’s still caught off guard by how normal Flaire treats him, but considering the elf’s personal library is packed full of paranormal romance novels it probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Bagga might not be the dark and brooding vampire/werewolf/demon love interest from Flaire’s books, but he’s a keeper. Flaire learned pretty quickly that Bagga’s just a big softie who likes to help people and is much shyer than he was before he died. It’s a big accomplishment for him when he can distract him from his worries and help him be a little more carefree, which is where his personality really shines through.