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Libra Decans

~ Libra Decan 1 (September 23rd - October 3rd)

I am ruled by the planet Venus. My personality is characterised by cleverness, imagination and romanticism. I am both clever and imaginative which makes me capable of many great things. If I can combine these assets with my impressive communication skills then I can rise to the heights of many careers including fictional writing, film direction and the creative arts. My creative flair and sense of style combined with my love of beauty ensures that my surroundings are aesthetically pleasing. I am a true romantic and love to be in love. When I do commit to just one person I am extremely dedicated to my partner and keep the romance alive with thoughtful gifts and surprises. I work extremely hard to achieve a balanced and equal relationship with my partner. In all of my relationships I am careful to promote harmony between us and don’t like to rock the boat with heated arguments or debates. I prefer peaceful, considerate and caring relationships.

~ Libra Decan 2 (October 4th - October 13th)

I am ruled by the planet Saturn. My personality is characterised by altruism, thoughtfulness and seriousness. I am the epitome of self-sacrifice and willingly put others before myself. My care and consideration to others comes naturally to me and I would give the shirt off my back to help someone. I get a great kick out of helping others and my thoughtfulness shines through in all of my relationships. I am extremely patient, tolerant and non-judgemental which makes me the perfect friend for others to turn to. I however, am very reluctant to share my worries or burdens with others. I don’t mind them turning to me for help but I find it almost impossible to ask for help. Although I have a good sense of humour I take life very seriously. I am realistically aware of my own strengths and weaknesses and take a responsible attitude to all that I do and say.

~ Libra Decan 3 (October 14th - October 22nd)

I am ruled by the planet Mercury. My personality is characterised by an analytic nature, loyalty, and sociability. I have an acute, active and analytical mind. My thirst for knowledge and understanding is unquenchable and I am driven to find the true meanings behind many and varied areas of interest. Career wise, I can go in many directions but I am happier working with many people rather than in solitary positions. I love to communicate my thoughts to others and enjoy social interactions. I have many friends who admire my intelligence and my charm. I am one of a rare breed that is both logical and intuitive and combine both what my head and heart tell me in my decision making. I am extremely loyal and devoted to those I love. When I commit to a relationship I am faithful and loyal and expect the same in return.

i’ve got a big exam tomorrow so here’s an FF buttercup to punch my stress away


So! I finished the parents, Rosella and Shino! I love how they turned out! That pink hair is majestic. Ah! I love them! :3
I’ll eventually find a way to make them seem a tad aged… when my art style decides to prove it. So for now, the seem younger than they are.
I’ll post more later.


Look at that drawing glo up 😂

Whenever I bring up these 4 it’s not to say “Oh they’re better than this or that person” because I truly respect every single woman that goes out there and puts their body on the line doing what they love and for our entertainment. It’s simply because when I got back into watching wrestling these were the 4 women I really got to see grow into the performers/entertainers they are today. I can only speak from my point of view when I say they are some of the sweetest and most down to earth women ever,love them all for my own specific reasons.