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And so it starts a new paradigma in the Judo UMinho: Girl Power!

It’s the practise before the holiday and the guys went all partying, but not my girls! Like a swiss clock, they show up and make me so proud!

In this session we also had a new arrival, one that is going to bring to the table an extra value! Inês Ramalho is a experience black belt that brings with her some very important technical knowledge and motivation for the young girls!

The quality of the train is without a doubt getting better by the day!

                                         ROBBIE LAWLER

Robbie Lawler has experienced the highs and lows of his profession more than most – the exhilarating victories, the crushing defeats and everything in between.

But nothing in his MMA career matched the night Lawler’s hand was raised in triumph and he became the UFC welterweight champion after 13 years in the sport.

Lawler’s split decision win over Johny Hendricks, who had beaten him at UFC 171 to win the title vacated by Georges St-Pierre, finally took Lawler to the top in a career that has been occasionally bumpy.

Robbie, who defeated Hendricks in their rematch at UFC 181 in December 2014, is one of the most vicious punchers in MMA, with 19 of his 25 wins coming via knockouts. But he also has 10 losses, the most by any champion in UFC history – proof, if nothing else, that his resilience has sustained him through the lows.

He was just 20 years old when he made his UFC debut at UFC 37, winning a unanimous decision over Aaron Riley. He went on to win three of his next four, losing only to Pete Spratt at UFC 42 when he suffered a hip injury and was submitted.