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The Festival Struggle

A long time ago I made a forum post on Flight Rising. It was about how frustrated I was losing over and over again in the festivals. 

I remember always being bitter because I never knew what it was I did wrong. I always wanted to desperately be a part of a bigger aspect of the site.
Today I finally won, a few days after my birthday with an older submission and I I’m so thankful, although I knew there were probably a lot of entries that deserved to win that just didn’t make it.

It’s a bit stressful because I like seeing people happy and the reason I entered was because I really wanted to contribute to the site, make something everyone could get.

With this is mind, artists who are struggling I want you to remember that not getting chosen for a festival isn’t a failure or an indication that your art isn’t good enough.

I think most artists find it hard not to compare their work to a winning entry and feel as if they’re not good enough or that their art doesn’t suit the style of the site. 

Some users get a little mad sometimes because an entry they like doesn’t win too. 

But truthfully, even if you don’t win your should be proud of your work, who you are and the courage you had to enter it. Sometimes even if you do win, you still don’t know if people really are happy with it too. 

I can tell you I worry that there’s probably an entry people wanted more then mine, since what I entered is also a skin and they aren’t as popular. Or maybe it’s to saturated, or perhaps it just doesn’t suit the style people like. But it’s okay because eve if one person like’s it? I’m thankful, and I hope all of you artists who didn’t win keep on trucking. 

I didn’t think I’d ever win, I mostly gave up. Don’t let all those questions bring you down, do what you do best.

Here’s almost every I made for contests. Each entry takes 7 to 10 hours, I’m terribly slow!



Sorry, I didn’t have a plain dragon to try it on. This ridge accent was my first ever accent made for a festival!




Modeled on the dragon, just the tentacles are my accent!




After all these different accents and skins, here’s the won that finally won.

I’m not going to tell you to give up or to try harder, I’m not gonna say I even deserved to win.

But rather that what you create and how gorgeous it is isn’t defined by just the world, it’s also you, making something only you could make.

This is pretty long for something that probably wont get many notes or views. I just wanted someone to see this and stop being so hard on themselves, or on other artists. 

Edit: Oh wow, thank you all so much for your replies, likes and reblogs. 


forgot to add this… i made my 2016 inktober series into a mini picture book for a winter comic con here, with some additional pictures that I didn’t post. here is a preview of the book on my IG :) 
also, a few more pics used for ad, giveaway mini card, thank-you-for-coming thing etc., one is for this year’s Lantern Festival in Feb ;D

Y.G International Audtions

Welcome to Y.G Idols! A fanproject to bring the N cards of Y.G International Academy to life! We will cover songs from Muse, Aqours, A-Rise, and St.Snow. Along with a story line and eventually some animations.

We need singers/voice actors, artists, animators, audio mixers, and writers! We will also most likely need someone to help with tweaks to translated lyrics to flow better.

We will be focusing on singing covers and writing first. So top priority is voice actors/singers, audio mixers, and writers. 

The audition for all those roles are below

Voice Actors

Audio Mixers




(I ask you that even if you aren’t auditioning, to please reblog this post so more people can know about it.)