art fellowship

A poster I did for my illustration class based off of the posters you’d see in the 90′s and early 2000′nds in libraries encouraging kids to read. It took a while to make and I actually had to take some time off from looking at it. After taking a break, I was able to approach the piece with a fresh eye and rework my ideas with the piece, creating a poster that I could be proud of. I struggled with the designs for the two figures (Glinda and Galadriel) because I wanted them to be recognizable, but also be wholly original designs. My solution to this was to use certain motifs that could be associated with the characters as well as to use actresses who played the roles as my inspiration (Kristin Chenoweth for Glinda and Cate Blanchett for Galadriel). Once I had a way to ground the characters, I went sort of wild with my imagination- hopefully creating a captivating picture. The two ladies are immersed in the novels that they’re reading and sitting very close to one another, showing that books can be a source of happiness and friendship.