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I am beyond excited that I get to be the featured fandom today! I hope you all enjoy these teas nd their wonderful, wonderful art as much as I do!!

Velociraptor Needs Your Help -
Velociraptor needs you! Help fund an expedition through Mongolia to protect rare fossils and share them with children through educational outreach.

I’ve written an article for on an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the protection of Mongolian fossils against the greedy self-interest of fossil poachers. Many of these incredibly valuable, beautiful fossils come out of quarries in rural areas in Mongolia, and their worth should be contributing directly to the communities they belong to. Instead, many of these rural areas do not benefit from the fossils that are illegally removed and sold to the black market.

I am participating as the illustrator for this campaign, which is led by the nonprofit Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs. The ISMD will use the raised funds to lead an expedition across Mongolia to repatriate illegally exported fossils and to educate children (and adults!) in rural Mongolian communities about paleontology and the significance of their communities’ fossils.

Perks for the fundraiser include a variety of awesome dinosaur swag. Choose from stickers, coffee mugs, posters and t-shirts featuring my art at the lower donation levels, fossil pendants and reproductions at the middle levels, and a handful of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities at the upper level. For a generous $1200 donation, I am offering my first and possibly last full-color, detailed commission of any dinosaur of your choosing.

Tumblr has always been amazing at generating interest and passion for important social issues, and I implore you to consider the good you could be doing in donating to and sharing this one. Your money goes to a VERY good cause.

Read more and donate here. Thank you!

A poster for Al Schuster’s fourth annual Star Trek convention, featuring art by comics legend Jim Steranko.

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“So, a princess huh?” The horned woman chuckled, “Lucky you, Aisahna.”

The mage slowed her walk and turned back to look, “Ali! It is nothing like that. Princess Arciela is, yes a dear friend but she is a princess and I am but a,” She motioned to herself as if it held all the answerers, “A nothing.”

The horned woman, Ali, overtook her, “Why don’t you tell me some more about her?” A sly smile crossed her lips. Jumping at the chance to talk about her friend, Aisahna began a tirade. At first it was factual, information on how they met and about the princess’s finer qualities; that soon became a fountain of compliments, the horned woman’s grin growing at each passing word.

“… And did I mention how beautiful she is? In the Adoulin sun her skin just glows!” The mage smiled, “Then there… Is… Is something the matter? You are giving me the most curious look.” She tilted her head at her new companion.

“Did you listen to a single word you just said? Or did it all just fall out of your mouth?” The horned woman laughed.
Aisahna thought for a moment and her eyes widened in realisation, “O-oh. Oh no.” She covered her mouth with a hand, “No… I can’t be…” She could feel the blush rising, her skin tinged blue thanks to her monster blood, “I… Shouldn’t… Altana save me, Ali… I think you are right.”

Ali snorted, “And what are you going to do with this information?” Her grin not fading.
The mage frowned and shook her head, “Aggressively ignore it and hope it is a passing infatuation? I… I can’t really do anything about it. She’s a princess, Ali. I don’t even know if she feels the same way.”
Ali shrugged, “There would only be one way to find out, no?”

The mage groaned in response, bringing her other hand to her head and burying her face in them.

The series ēlDLIVE is to get an anime, it’s confirmed that it’s coming out in January 2017!

This is the first official anime art of ēlDLIVE, featuring the main character Kokonose Chuuta, and his partners, Sonokata Misuzu, Laine Brick, Chips, and Drew!

The description of the ēlDLIVE anime is:

“Mumbling” Chuta Kokonose doesn’t have many friends. In fact, the only conversations he has anymore are with voices inside his head. Little does he know that this voice doesn’t mean he’s crazy. It just means he has an alien living inside his body!”

Amano Akira is holding an exhibition for her new series, ēlDLIVE, and her past series, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Please support her and her new anime adaption for ēlDLIVE!

New Orleans art recommendation: the Red Truck Gallery

Last night, my wife and I stumbled on the Red Truck Gallery on the edge of New Orleans’ French Quarter, and today we’re going back to buy some art, and admire the pieces we can’t afford for a while longer.

I can’t remember the last time I stepped into an art gallery where the work chimed more strongly with my sensibilities. There’s lots to see and do in NOLA, but if you like the kind of art we feature on Boing Boing, this place is worth your while.


17-Year-Old Black Artist Creates Viral Challenge to Draw Black Women in Cartoon Styles

Black Girl Long Hair writes:

By now, you’ve probably noticed a ton of these #stylechallenge photos being shared across social media. The concept is to recreate a self portrait in popular cartoon styles.

The tag was started a week ago by 17-year-old artist Autumn (@beautifulness87 on Instagram). Shortly thereafter, the tag erupted with artists of color displaying their skills.

Not only does this challenge allow many young artists of color to share their work, it also allows us to see blackness in cartoon styles that are not traditionally diverse. Check the #stylechallenge tag for more incredible entries!

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Spider Stories: An African Animation

Here’s a project that I’m definitely going to be keeping a keen eye on! Spider Stories is an African inspired action cartoon set in a fantasy world that follows the tale of Princess Zahara who is tossed into hiding after her royal family is overthrown by another kingdom. Armed with a mystical staff, the fearless princess embarks on quest to reconnect with the spirits, reunite her homeland, and reclaim the throne.

“We have to recognize that culture used to flow through storytelling, and now it flows through media. So within the continent, we want to have images that African children can grow up with that look like them and have names like them and neighborhoods that look like theirs that they can identify with. Thirty to 40 years down the line, when they’re doctors and lawyers and presidents, the positive associations they have with the characters will be real parts of their identities.” – John Agbaje

Read more about the creators and the characters

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


New Dark Ink Pen Illustrations Depict Animals And Nature In Magical Lore

Italy-based illustrator Alfred Basha draws small black ink pen scenes that narrate scenes of animals and nature as a magical entity. His poetic illustrations are brought to life with the expert use of the humble ink pen.  He uses the crude tool to draw enchanting scenes which depict delicate branches forming the silhouette of animals, plants growing from the anatomy of foxes and deer, and landscapes encased within wild beasts.

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