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I went to the Turner, Monet Twombly exhibition at the Tate Liverpool today. I am sure alot of you are thinking Turner, Monet and Who? Which was what I was also thinking before I visited. Whilst dismissing an artist’s work entirely may cause contention, in this instance I feel his work did not come close to the works presented by arguably two of the greatest impressionist painters to have lived.

Turner is an artist whose work I admire immensely. His grasp of light in his paintings is phenomenal. Throughout all his work detail comes secondary to presenting the overall atmosphere of his chosen scene (my friend dismissed this and said that he must have been short sighted!) Yet looking at his works close up you realise just how many references to classical architecture and legend are contained within them.

Monet is an artist who is far more interested in the detail than Turner, his confident brush strokes give real emotion and texture to his pieces. Six of his water lily works are contained within the exhibition, with the final painting dated 1916 being the most captivating of those presented. I sat in front of it, and had it not been for my hungry, grumbly tummy, could have stared all day.

Photography exhibition:Nature and the cycle of lie in photos

Hey guys I just went to two photography exhibition which express different parts of our lives in different genres

Annie Leibovitz:A Photographer’s life 1990-2005

18 April 2014 to 19 October 2014

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This exhibition talks about Anne’s life in her photography from the 90s to the early 2000s,It’s show her private and professional life by her photos

There are a lot of photos shown in this exhibition,there are a few pictures that stood out for me

The photo of Robert Wilson in The watermill centre have a fairy tale quality to it,Everthing in this picture is dark expect one lighting bulb which Robert hold

Robert Wilson, The Watermill Center (1994)

The photo of the U.S olympic synchronised swimming in 1996 create an underwater expertise and give you the perspective on their training

I love the pictures of how they make Star Wars,it realy show the behind the scenes look into creating the movie

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Kate Moss with Johnny Deep(1994)

This pictures really referenced the famous John Lennon and Yoko Ono photo which became the cover for rolling stone expect it’s the reversed

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It’s more just photographing celebrities,she document her personal life from the birth of her 3 children to the death of her father and partner

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Her nature works remind me of the works of nature photographers like Ansel Adams

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It show all of her life in general and the seasons of her life in her work and private life

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It’s an honour to see one of my favourite photographers in exhibition and in the flesh,i am saddened that I did not photograph her work because it means a big deal to photograph one of her works.And the pricing is very expensive for those who want to see her work beyond the magazine cover


Sebastio Salgado

26 April to 27 July 2014

National Museum of singapore

This exhibition show Sebastiao Salgado’s journey to photograph diffent places and cultures which make our world an unique place to live

His balck and white images are dramatic which showcase the power of nature and its influence on our world

I was like a warring eagle when I saw these images because it’s dramatic and it show the world and all its beauty to it

It’s not just have amazing photography,it’s also showcase the culture of the people who live in those areas and their lifestyle

It’s beautiful and it’s free for the general public,it’s a once-in-a-lifetime show to see these images before they’re gone

The Sky Might Fall Presents: Old Sport New Players Art Exhibition

“We would like to invite you to something epic, its excellent, easy elegance superficial intelligence, in all black we’re killing shit with no reverence” -Asaad

Our team as a collective would like to present to you an art exhibition consisting of young talented   artists. It is time for new bloods to join an old sport, to come out and present their work of art, expressing something that means something to them.

More information will be released at a later date so make sure you stay locked, also word on street is that there will also be an after party but these may just be rumors… 



Here’s the advertisement for the graduating exhibition that I shall be in! Opening night is Friday the 25th and the show shall be running until the 4th of December! 

All the works are for sale so get your bottoms down to Ballarat enjoy some art and pan for gold!