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Postcards (1 to be given away randomly for purchases of Y2000 or more) by Kubo-sensei at the Pixiv YOI exhibition.

YOI original illustration replica by Kubo-sensei (Is selling for Y19440) and YOI character illustrations as part of the goods that will go on sale at the Pixiv YOI exhibition.

YOI art exhibition at Pixiv Zingaro (2F, Nakano Broadway, Tokyo) from 15-27 Dec 2016, 1200-1900 hours. (Closed on Weds) Admission free. Check it out if you’re in Tokyo~

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sharkdreaming  asked:

Your recent art, including the Ashitaka and Twin Peaks pieces, has been so lovely. I was wondering if you have any plans to sell prints of these pieces in the future?

Oh thank you!

Both are one off prints, I have made only one and that is the one framed and exhibited. They are both for sale through Spoke Art if anyone is interested. I won’t be making either into prints for sale, but I do plan on making some more “fan art” related imagery for small print batches. I’ll make sure to post when I do!

This painting is available for purchase & exhibiting

Inner Demons Feeding. 2015
Acrylics on canvas.
Size 45x50cm ( 17.7"x19.7" ) , 2 cm ( 0.8" ) depth .

To know the details please contact me

// Próxima exposición colectiva en la que participo.
Todos quedan invitados.
// Next collective exhibition in which I participate.
Everyone are invited.

Juntamos Mundos I Inauguración
Sábado 27. Septiembre 2014 I 16:00 Hrs.
Galería La 77 l J.García Icazbalceta No. 77. Colonia San Rafael,
Del. Cuauhtemoc, México D.F.