art enders


I feel like Rick didn’t make those cardboard cutouts on his own


So I really like mad king Ryan and I thought I would contribute some of my crappy art.

The one on the bottom was inspired by @samijen ’s au where he has an Ender-eye- it’s really awesome- go check it out.


Meet our first fusion! Eye Of Ender, she is a fusion of Blaze rod and Ender Pearl, she isnt the most stable of fusions as Blaze and Pearl don’t often talk or really get along, they are from different courts and have only met on occasion, so a Ender Eye tends to argue with herself on many things, However if they do work together they can be a formidable opponent, with the ability to teleport, shoot flames, and fly, she can easily out speed or outwit her opponent giving her the upper hand… that is if she can decide which hand to use.

Hands and I do not get along, but I think I did okay with this one. Anyway, since the theme for Day 2 is Drawing… I decided to have Ink draw a really cool concept a friend of mine made. @ryliescreativecorner has this cool AU called Starseeds and the World Enders and one of the main concepts is a species called Cthulu that consume worlds at the end of their lifespans and bring them to a peaceful end.

They are giant space jellyfish and I love it.


Finished two requests! The rest are still in the works, hopefully I can get it done soon! Sorry that it’s taking so long :’D

Ender!Sans © Requested by @anaarts121 (I must say, he’s really cool OWO)

Nik © Requested by @nikynikyni (I just yolo it since I still cant really ‘read’ your icon XD and it’s black and white since theres no colors given :v)

Thank you for requesting!  (◕‿◕✿)