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as an art newbie, i may ask: should i learn traditional before digital or both at the same time?

this is kind of a question based on person, bc different artists learn different ways, yk! but personally, i suggest getting down foundational drawing and sketching skills traditionally before transitioning to digital art seriously,,although ive always done both i did primarily focus on pencil drawing when starting out because it kind of prohibited from polishing things *too* much and allowed me to focus on my Drawing skills!!! :D

“Is that all you got, Mr. Hot Tamales?!”
“H…H-Hot Tamales?!”

The answer is, yes. I’ve been wanting to for a while!! Used this as an excuse to draw swole Toshinori being a cocky dork lmao (headcannon: Toshi uses american foods and sayings as heckles and it pisses off Endeavor because he has no idea what any of them mean/are)

That feel when you’re halfway to making Emrakul and color the tentacles differently so you can tell which is which, then realize you accidentally made the demonic eldritch abomination horror support gay pride


Okai so what if Endeavor and All Might were really good friends but as soon as All Might could dominate OFA and he could transforms into his muscle form (so that means he became way stronger than ever ), Endeavor felt jealous so he fell apart and started to saw All Might as his arch enemy or something. At the end of the day, he ended up being the hero number 2, uh… Its not a competition fricking a-hole >:V


RVB - 30 Days of Gifmas; Day 1
Favourite Team - Team Project Freelancer

Project Freelancer is a state of the art scientific endeavor, with one goal in mind: to ensure the security of humanity in a harsh and violent galaxy.” - F.I.L.S.S.

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Y'know it really makes me glad and giddy to see you excited to create again! It honestly is! After the impact of that teacher, doing art for yourself and what you want is quite inspiring. I hope you enjoy all your future art endeavors!! <3

Thank you! I’m not feeling as nervous about picking up a pen or a brush and I used to be terrified of doing that. I think throwing my doodles up here and making that Patreon encouraged me to try. That and the fact that some people actually like what I make is really mind blowing. I think I’ve got nowhere to go but up. <3