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The Signs as Art School Stereotypes

Libra: Sweet Art Education student who seem traumatized by the weirdo studio majors, always smiling, super long hair

Pisces: New Age, Eccentric Sculpture student who goes to music festivals every weekend, makes projects about the Illuminati and NWO, more #woke than you will ever be

Aquarius: Reserved Drawing/Illustration Major who draws hella good anime, never opens their mouth in critique until forced, vegan, fandom tees

Leo: Hipster painting student who thinks they’re the absolute shit, brags about smoking hookah and everything they do is meant to be ironic

Scorpio: Irritated Photography student who hates being in class but is always there, favorite color is black, always looks like they need a nap, opinionated

Aries: Yuppie Visual Communications student who brags about their love of craft beer, blood made of coffee, has really strong opinions about fonts, needs to relax

Virgo: Chill Ceramics student who smokes a lot of weed, thinks they suck but they really slay, succulents and cable knit sweaters

Capricorn: Super skilled Furniture Design student who can find a solution to anything, wears flannels and steel toed boots and it actually looks natural, works 109 hours a week

Cancer: Friendly but reserved Art Therapy student who is quietly reading everyone like a book, internal dialogue is constantly sassy, pastel hair, always on the verge of mental breakdown

Taurus: Edgy Printmaking student who shops at stores no one has heard of, small clique, loves to read, super detail oriented, doesn’t accept criticism well, makes everyone uncomfortable by bickering with professor

Gemini: General Fine Arts Student who floats from clique to clique seamlessly, indecisive, friendly but values alone time, inquisitive, listens to Nirvana and also Disney Soundtracks

Sagittarius: Headstrong Double Major who can’t keep their thoughts straight, skips class a lot, obsessed with Tim Burton movies, smokes cigarettes for aesthetic, talks too much during critique

Hello! Tis me, Icy Doodles, or Sesshomarulordandwanderer, or whatever you know me by. I apologize for my frequent absence. I just wanted to share a bit of what I do outside the realm of Inuyasha. I am an art education student, and I have just finished working on my first jellyfish painting! This is a 24″x36″ (approximately 61cm by 91cm) acrylic painting on canvas. I hope to do more like this in the future. 

Anyway, carry on! Thank you for reading. 

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Today’s program was to study Italian History and History of Arts, but I couldn’t finish everything for the lack of time ( ;´Д`) I gotta work harder tomorrow because I have two tests on Saturday and an essay to give tomorrow!
Better stay positive 📔💪🏼🏔


Bought this book a while back. Haven’t read it yet, but excited to have some more content about Darger since there’s so little out there. He’s one of my favorite artists.

I really need to make more time for reading for pleasure…

Top Majors For Recent Grads: Turning Unprofitable Degrees Into Lucrative Career Paths

Not everyone’s desperately forcing themselves into a finance or computer science degree in the hopes of a steady job post-graduation. Droves of students are still opting for degrees as diverse as performing arts and health professions, according to data recently collected from LinkedIn.

Out of the 650 schools on FORBES’ Top Colleges list this year, social sciences is the second-most popular area studied. Communications and psychology also showed up in the top 10.


I finally got my study/art room cleaned up enough to make a video of it (uhm, and also use it, lol). Really glad to have more space finally. It’s a pretty cozy room, the big window helps a lot. I’m almost looking forward to school starting again! hah. This is part 1 of 2 because I didn’t want it to be too long. I know that’s kind of ridiculous to make such long videos of a room but whatever, people make more pointless videos than this all the time! :) I’ll post the next part tomorrow.


Here’s my study/art room tour part 2 of 1! :D I liked this one better than the first one. Hope it’s enjoyable enough to watch! It was fun to film and edit. :)

I’m going to post a study space tour soon, because there’s a lot more to that (supplies I use and stuff).