Aaaa omg i really cant believe that they wanted to see the reeest im so happy :“^000 !!
There is a "Kid N’ Leviathan” fan comic in here like i said. Its a crossover;;thingy like i said in part 1 of this dump ! (I hope youre ok with Pish and Aiden’s interaction thingieshh)
I will post the 3rd part of this dump as soon as I finish Sister Bites 4 :^D (thatsmycomicseriesincaseyoudidntknow)
I might end up expanding this dump to 4 or 5 because i found mORE SKETCHES i can color :^0
Aiden, Chris, and Ted belong to this cool person –> @z-t00n
(This whole dump is for them btw)
And Pish(the leviathan kid) is mine


Some old Shallura sketches that I finally gave up on ╮(─▽─)╭

Also I don’t know why but I always listen to Avalanche by Walk The Moon whenever I draw them. The lyrics mostly remind me of Allura but the tune gives me bubbly Shallura vibes. Maybe I’ll draw something for it sometime?


I cannot animate, ok, do not look at me! I have no idea how that works!
Also, Hooray for Navy. That other doodle I made when I felt bad Navy and Army were separated after all that effort. Doc screams and nobody can hear it. I am so mad at Ametoots not givin a flip about her potential cheerleaders that I just draw a lot of fluff?? To Cope?? Anyway she is annoying the heck outta them and Doc got enough of this attraction! MOVE!