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I’ve wanted to do a picture like this for a while, so I sat down and sketched it up today. Those of you who’ve seen part VI know that Tommy had a friend by the name of Allen Hawes who helped him dig up Jason’s grave (and became the first victim of part VI too.) I was really excited when I first watched the movie because I remember watching Hawes’s actor, Ron Palillo, in the show Welcome Back Kotter when I was younger. And, since his character in that show was my favorite, I just knew I had to try drawing Hawes and Tommy at least once.

Hawes seems like he probably smiled more than Tommy, even if it wasn’t always a happy smile. (Tommy on the other hand basically never smiled much until after he left the institution, and even then it’s rare.) But according to the novelization, Tommy’s literally Allen’s only friend, so I figure that would at least warrant a smile. The picture’s probably from sometime a bit before they’re released, and it’s probably gotten crumpled and torn a bit before someone stuck it in an album for safe keeping. It’s probably a painful memory for Tommy, too, but he keeps it around for Hawes’s sake.


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Happy birthday, @ferisae!!!!!! Ngl I had no idea what to draw you but I’m hoping this guilts you into wanting to work on your mermaid OCs again JUST SAYIN’.

I love your passion and your honesty (and of course YOUR ART, GURL). Thank you for bringing me sanity when art thieves are driving me crazy, and thanks for just being you. I’m so glad we’re friends <333 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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Cheer Up

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[ jae ]


word count; 600

genre; fluff

summary - you start to feel upset and stressed over your future and art course at college and your boyfriend jae tries to cheer you up.

You flung your backpack down onto the living room floor before diving onto your old sofa. All you wanted to do was cry. You felt so confused and upset all of a sudden. College work was building up and although you loved studying Art history and taking art classes, you were slowly starting to doubt your choices. What good paying jobs could you get? That was all people seemed to care about , but you thought it was more important to be happy and do something you loved. Both your parents disagreed with your choices. Your father was a dentist and your mother worked for a large business. That was all either of them wanted for you to do; study business, specialise in some business field and get a job in a company. You didn’t think little of this at all and respected people who liked this, but it wasn’t for you. You preferred to study the arts, use your hands and create works. It was just who you were.

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