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' I hate you ' A Chyuza dounjinshi (+18) written by Albibi.

<< It was during a very hot night.. or cold, whatever you prefer. But it was at night because it’s always at night that good things happen (Vicy told me).

So it was at night, we were all sleeping - or almost all. Indeed, Choko’s slav bodyguard was still awake, looking by the window, the… dark ? (Note to self : description part to rewrite later).

Chiruyu was there too, as he couldn’t leave the little girl alone with the beast that is Ryuza. So these two, were there, in the silence of the night. But then, Ryuza turns his head and- OH ! their eyes meet. Ryuza, without knowing it, would start blushing a lot, his heart going doki-doki as hell because he’s gay. Chiruyu would look like he’s gonna murder him, so that would make Ryuza even more… hungry ? I forgot the word Vicy said.

So Ryuza would say to Chiruyu, “Come outside. We need to talk.”

Chiruyu would answer “No.” in a way so cold that all the room turned into a giant iceberg.

Ryuza would look devasted and, with begging eyes, would ask, “Why not ?!”

Chiruyu would answer “I hate you.”

So then Ryuza take Chiruyu’s hand and would pin him to the wall and Chiruyu would be like “stop I don’t like men” and Ryuza would say “but I am not any men, I am your men” and Chiruyu would say “that’s impossible”, Ryuza would ask “why ?” so Chiruyu would respond

“Because you’re not a man, you’re a pussy.”

Then they fucked. ~ The end ~. >>

[And, just below, were fanarts very explicit and sexual of Chyuza, made by Albibi. (+18)]

Without a doubt the most self indulgent collaborative vent art ever made feat. our Animator AU career counterparts. Happy Birthday Cheers to my buddy @spinetrick

Here’s to us both starting yet another year of our lives on this planet this week.

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