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And now I’m back where I began

A Night in the Woods!Yugioh AU by me cos I couldn’t help myself. The name was suggested by @dragonbeak​  ✌ (thanks again!)

✎ “Three figures return to Domino City granted with another chance to start anew and live a normal life after a few years of disappearing. However, the people they had once knew and left behind are not the same as they used to be. The friends they grew up with have changed along with the homes that sheltered them. The city grows, and with each passing day begins to leave them behind. For old bygone’s sake, everyone comes together for a small celebratory reunion and to hold duels in the most unlikely of places.

And there’s something lurking in the woods.”

Combining NitW’s general story and feel of characters + canon post-events *and coughdoujinshiconceptscough*, this is the idea I have come up with. This is the first batch of character designs and I have more coming in later ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ click on the images to see higher resolution, yadda yadda.


In which Kevin tells a half lie because really he’s still just learning to be a parent and that you can’t always talk to kids the same way you to talk to adults.