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Illustration by Jenni Sparks (UK)

“To me, music and art go hand in hand and I can’t do anything without it. I’ve been obsessed with music from a very young age and I love the aesthetics, logos and symbols of the industry. There are too many artists that I’d like to dedicate this piece to, so I decided instead to illustrate the sounds that have made me who I am. The result is a chaotic mish-mash of record labels, song lyrics, portraits and anything else I could think of.”

Re-creation of Isamu Noguchi´s Paris studio in 1927 by the Noguchi Museum as part of Impasse Ronsin-exhibition at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York, featuring over 100 authentic art works, personal items and tools by Noguchi. Exhibition open until January 14th 2017. / Instagram


Kelvingrove by Tapio Salmela