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For this class of mine we are supposed to design a theoretical restaurant. I was the only person to decide to base theirs out of an existing location. It's a historical theater where i live in anchorage Alaska. It's been closed for years. Called the 4th avenue theater. I can't find many good photos of the inside but I'm told it's art deco interior was gorgeous. I was wondering if you could explain art deco a bit more, because I don't seem to be able to pick up the general feel it gives people.

You are right, there are a very limited number of images from the Fourth Avenue Theatre in Anchorage, Anchorage, AK (included in this post are a number of images from the Library of Congress).

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This is the Hollywood Pantages ceiling in the Lobby. Usually this sadly plays 2nd fiddle to the bigger, more colorful ceiling in the actual theater that this leads into. You could spend an hour just looking at all the detail of this. Pantages-Ceiling3_2010-11-17 by Sid Penance

Handcrafted Art Deco style entry designed by J Ronald Reed.  Reed is a member of the Art Deco Society International and was recently honored by the London Art Deco Society for discovering an unknown Art Deco Historic District within Granada, Nicaragua and 16th Century Colonial UNESCO world heritage landmark city.  

The Art Deco Society London is to publish photographs and assist Reed in publishing a Walking Tour Route that identifies both Art Deco Districts in Granada.  The findings are to be presented at the World Congress being held in 2013 in Havana, Cuba which is the focus of restoration efforts for Art Deco structures in the Caribbean and Central America.


There are members of the illustrious Art Deco Society who belong to the nefarious underground Bengal Club, the drinking club with a war gaming problem.


The month of October is not only my favorite for obvious reasons, but it’s the time of year when many of my favorite organizations or museums host spooky events!
My wonderful boyfriend surprised me with tickets to a screening of “Nosferatu and "Nosferatu the Vampyre” at the LACMA! It was great watching Nosferatu on the big screen!

The following weekend, we attended a lecture hosted by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles on the funeral practices and extravagances of the Art Deco period. Wow…I was blown away! Incredibly informative and amazing. They even had a collector showcasing his embalming bottle collection. Spoke with him briefly about them. He was so charming. :) after the lecture, we watched “Dracula’s Daughter” my boyfriend isn’t too fond of that film, but I appreciate it’s campy-ness. Haha