art crates

This month the Mystery Chest was quite special - and took me several days to put together! The Mini Artbook took me a long time and a lot of resources, so this month my backers really got their moneys worth. I really hope the Patrons who received it liked it, and if you have any feedback for me I’d love to hear it!

April’s Theme was Guardians of the Galaxy.  Thanks to you, my Patrons, I was able to take some time off commissions to paint Peter Quill, as tribute for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2! I watched the first one in the cinema and I absolutely loved it, will definitely try to watch this one on the big screen too.

For April the Mystery Chest contained:

· A4 Art print “Star-Lord”

· Handmade and signed Patreon Exclusive Mini Artbook featuring 20 of my works!

· Keyring of Queen Sylvanas - different motif on each side.

The combo backers also received:

· A3 Art print “Night Elf Warrior”

May’s Mystery Chest Theme is Wonder Woman. (I really wonder who I’m gonna paint for this, hmmmm, gee yes I do wonder)


oki doki this took me like two days lol
theres only ten for each category ( gender, class, element, weapon, race, and animal) so im sorry if i didnt cover a gender or race ect you were hoping to see

example: i got warhammer, orc, house cat, genderfluid, warrior, blood so my character would be a genderfluid orc warrior with some connection to house cats (like whatever i want it to be, it could be the animal travel companion or spirit animal or like whatever you want yeah man?)

have fun creating owo