art crates


new outfit!! all fresh in 2017, only 4 months late. Also an explosive Axe because skakdi would come up with something like that, especially her.
and also some random drawings from the last like 4 months or more, i didnt think i was actually gonna upload any of these forgive me :U

ive also been really really busy lately so forgive me for the lack of art

v a u d e v i l l e

it’s about time i made a proper character poster eh? ahh uhhh, if you care in the slightest if you’re curious from left to right is Emmit, Merri, and Jasper. Welcome to Vaudeville


oki doki this took me like two days lol
theres only ten for each category ( gender, class, element, weapon, race, and animal) so im sorry if i didnt cover a gender or race ect you were hoping to see

example: i got warhammer, orc, house cat, genderfluid, warrior, blood so my character would be a genderfluid orc warrior with some connection to house cats (like whatever i want it to be, it could be the animal travel companion or spirit animal or like whatever you want yeah man?)

have fun creating owo