art connecte

reasons I may somehow be Erik, the phantom of the opera:  

Too often i think ‘i am made up of death’

I like to hang out, exclusively, in the basement.  

I like to walk around in the dark, at night.

i connect to music better than i do to most people

(i connect to art better than i do to most people)

very possessive of things and, unfortunately, people

very angry very often (sometimes justified, sometimes not)

pls do not touch

never sleeps


Shiro loves mac and cheese, baby

I couldn’t sleep yesterday night so, naturally, I doodled some sheith

woohoo! ♪ヽ(^ᗜ^♡)/ finally did @1211am‘s mayor’s favorite things meme!

mami’s favorite things are: petal parasol, hammock, milk carton, famous mushroom, sunflower, kotatsu, cardboard box, lotus lamp, purrl’s pic, and vanilla ice cream! ♡

“Star Witch.”

Happy Halloween/Diwali! Since I recently moved to India, I thought I’d draw something inspired by the local clothing (salwar kameez), also it’s around the same time as Diwali (festival of lights) and Halloween– so this happened XD

Thank you all who came to the partial stream and sorry for the technical issues >_<;;

Speedpaint here!

“as the elevator door closes, for a moment the chaos surrounding them seems to stop.

in the flickering light, jyn and cassian search each other’s eyes for comfort …”

~ i’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad // welcome home