Here’s some fan art that I’ve done from last year when I first subscribed to the channel, to up to now.  I’ve included a couple that’s Mark related, I felt it’s appropriate cause it’s because of Jack that I watch and subscribed to his channel as well.  The communities are rather similar, very friendly.  And I’m happy to be apart of them.   And it’s my thanks to them both for making my days much happier and brighter.  Thanks guys.  :-D

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Hi! first oft all, i love your blog! :) I hope this isn't bothering you, but i'm not very familiar with the whole stuyblr community and am currently looking for more blogs to follow. Do you happen to know any blogs of people who study visual communications or graphic design (or just something design related in general)?

Hi, thanks so so much!! And you’re not bothering me! Xx

Here is a list of the active designblrs I found:

If you’re an active designblr tag yourself so I can add you please!

I drew this bc I didn’t want Chase to die, and Jack said it was cute

But now that I think about it, if Anti saw this it would probably make him want to kill Chase more…

For #septicart

I got a couple Discord Server posts so far! :3 And don’t worry, I’m keepin track of those and the Salmon Run peeps too!! I’ll start posting those probably tomorrow or the next day at the latest. For now I’m gonna go back to a few art reblogs!

This is the most active this blog has been in a while so thank you for your patience and bearing with me!