art commissioning

If you’re at the TAZ live show in Nashville tonight keep an eye out for this - I was commissioned to make this as a t-shirt design for someone attending and it’s also being donated to the prize raffle as a poster! I don’t live in the US so will probably never be able to go to a live show but this is a pretty cool alternative :D

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HI! I have added yet another tier to this post, now Im also offering fully colored chibi commissions like the one above and like this one here:

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


(okay SO I’ve  been  holding back  for the longest to set this up so hear me out)

I’m opening commissions!

I finally have the courage to step up  to the plate and do commissions especially because I want to be able to draw more so alrighty here are the rules:

-paypal only (sorry)


-ocs! (tell me about them! if you have references, better!)

-fandom related stuff (ships included)


-nsfw related stuff (sorry)



alrighty, So the email to contact me will be:


(again thank you for taking the chance to check it out and signal boosting would be splendid!)