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The Summer of 2016, childhood friends Mint and Basil enact a ritual charm to grant their wishes; But instead pull a Demon from the underworld on its summer break. The consequences?…

Fulfilling the whimsical desires of Spek, said demon, who decides to stay on Earth and enjoy Vacation away from Hell as payment for granting their wish…

Summer Summons is a comic I’ll be casually posting over on my Twitter! There’s no set update or batch size; just a way for me to sort of draw a loose casual comic for fun!


I stumbled upon the first chapter of @skaylanphear ‘s story, “Pick-Up and Chase” and just couldn’t help myself. (Although I was originally just going to do a quick sketch about it, it just kinda spiraled out of control and I ended up coloring it too, lol)  XD

This is part 1 out of 2 pages I’m drawing for the first chapter.  I’ll finish the second one probably sometime this week.

(I may or may not be developing an addiction to making comics…)


Based off of this vine

I sat here and thought “mmmmm this would totally be mchanzo” and here it is. XD I didn’t feel like doing robot Genji so I drew human Genji. He decied to wake his brother Hanzo while sleeping but he saw someone else as well.  His face looks so shocked XD

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