art club trip

alidoesthings  asked:

*dabs into the room* wish me luck boys! I'm gonna go to Indianapolis for three days bc of an art club trip! I also missed you all! *hugs MTK*

[MTK: *hugs you* Ali-chan! I missed you too! TwT Have a nice trip there!]

Kou: A-Neko-chan~ *glomps both of them* It’s so nice to see you again~ Make sure to bring us some souvenirs, when you’re back~ ;3c

Yuuma: Oi, Kou! You’re in the way! *pushes him away and ruffles Ali’s hair* Mesubuta! I’ve heard they’ve got the best sweet corn there, how ‘bout ya bring me some, mh?

Subaru: I didn’t miss you.

MTK&Kou: *stare at Subaru*

Subaru: … p-probably. T-Tch, stop it!

Within You Without You

“Try to realize it’s all within yourself, no one else can make you change and he who hides himself never glimpse truth, We are talking about the love that’s gone cold and them who lost their soul.“

- The Beatles