art class iv

it da first day of atsutodo week

idk how first dates work tbh since im a single potato, so i did what i would think would be an ideal first date, which is getting cotton candy or something idk im tired i did this in history class

ill make quality atsutodo art later lmao


i just wanted to draw lil vanessa and nina in cute outfits but whoops they look sad,, what happened??? how do we cheer them up????? this is probably an emergency situation 

Something Ive never seen considered in the OW fandom or lore:

The Shimada bros playing traditional Japanese instruments like just imagine the princes of the shimada clan playing haru no umi on a koto and shakuhachi… i bet hanzo wouldve played the koto and genji the shakuhachi

misc. doodles of my ocs, ethan and sally, bc i have so many ideas and so little time and energy BUT I STILL WANNA TRY DAMMIT;_;

Class IV//Selectively Accepting

Case Study: Erin Gilbert

This ghost was found in a small office in Columbia University. Though it had a tendency to venture into the large lecture hall nearby, it mostly spent its time floating aimlessly down the hallways, trying to impress people.

Despite its inability to speak up for itself, it still wore lipstick, likely to keep up appearances it had in life. Note the emptiness in the eyes and torso, suggesting a lack of personality and life fulfillment before an untimely demise. The lone heart has its own implications, likely a lost connection with a lover, or perhaps a dear friend.

Overall, the tired, dead look of the eyes, the exceptionally long limbs akin to a caricature of a supermodel, and carefully groomed appearance show that this ghost sought mostly to impress others in its lifetime, breaking more meaningful connections in the hopes of finding more superficial sources of approval. Parapschologists should learn from this specimen, and understand the dangers of trying too damn hard for people who, ultimately, are just a bunch of pricks.


I started reading some of @lpwrites fics the other day and FELL IN LOVE

I don’t usually laugh or enjoy much humor in fics (angst angst angst I love to suffer) but I was CACKLING through every chapter and I just had to draw something

The first image is from All I Want and the others are from the pursuit of knowledge 

Go read them and enjoy!!