Okay, but like a cute AU where the kids are between the ages of 5-6 and Eleven (Eleanor) is new to Hawkins and the literal first day of school she just latches on to Mike and doesn’t let go. Mike has no idea who this weirdo is but they’re like 5 years old and most problems at that age don’t last past nap time anyway. But this girl just doesn’t leave him alone, she follows him during recess and when the boys play tag and she’s “it” she only chases after Mike and when he’s “it” she doesn’t even brother running away from him. By the time they’re back in class and it’s art and crafts time, Mike sees that Eleven doesn’t have any crayons, he doesn’t really think about it and scoots over so she can share his because Mike’s mom told him to share his things with his friends and other people and this new girl may not be his friend but she is a people. Mike watches her draw but she’s really bad, to be fair most of them are horrible they’re only in kindergarten, but Will is very talented and teaches Eleven how to draw a proper flower. Nothing fancy, just a simple 6 petal thing. The day goes on like that and before any of them know it, it’s home time. As Mike’s collecting his things and saying goodbye to his friends a small chubby hand presses a folded up piece of paper into his equally small and chubby one. It’s from the new girl, she seems shy because she runs away shortly after. Mike thinks that’s a little Strange but proceeds to open the folded up paper only to find the pretty yellow flower she had drawn during art with his crayons. And at the bottom of the paper are two crudely written letters. E & L.