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Don’t worry my fella.
…You are not the only filthy Homestuck here.

(Please don’t send me asks about the ships that you didn’t find in the chart, if the ship is not in there, that means I am not interested on that)
(Also please don’t ask me about where the Swapfell bros are, reason same to the above statement)

Here are some roses I did with watercolour paints! I’ve never painted before and the only time I’ve seen anyone paint is a few stray clips on Instagram, so I’m pretty chuffed with these 🌺😊🖌

Irving Penn started at Vogue in 1943. After proving his talent as a still life and portrait photographer, Penn was eased into fashion work by Alexander Liberman, who instructed the usually jeans and sneakers–clad lensman to “buy an evening jacket and attend ‘the collections.’ ” Penn made his couture debut in 1950, photographing the latest fashion in a rickety studio—a former photography school, appropriately—furnished with a discarded theatrical curtain and infused with, Penn wrote, “the light of Paris as I had imagined it, soft but defining.” Penn made use of this light to interpret couture in photographs that became immediately iconic.

In honor of “Irving Penn: The Centennial” opening at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, we chart more of the great photographer’s career, by the numbers: here


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Soooo, I made a line-up of the Skeley Bros for my Kustard AU that I am now calling City Bones. (Feet and Inches)

I figure that it would be about 20yrs after the classic bros came to the surface and in the past 10 or so years, the other universes started merging with this one. First was the Swap universe, then the Swapfell, and the Fell universe was last.

More info on each set under the cut~

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