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I just love these great journal challenges by @journaling-junkie. They are truly inspiring! March journal challenge, days 1-10.

Weekly Art Challenge #212 (February 22nd – March 1st) – Draw your Workspace

Whether you enjoy doodling at school or have a pimped out art studio at home – we all have our favourite place to draw. It’s where our markers are, where the lighting is good, where our mom can’t see the smut we’re drawing as soon as she walks into the room. Personally, I like to sit on my bed with my tablet on my lap. What about you?

What does your designated art area look like? What would it look like if you improved on it?

What kind of materials do you keep handy? How is the lighting? Do you have a mirror to help draw gestures? Maybe there’s something you do not have there that you definitely need. Add those things, too! Show other artists how you work, which materials and gadgets you’re using. Look at the other submissions! Perharps there’s something there you would like to try out too?

Things to note:

- no fanart for this week, please! (but if you’re being sneaky about it, you’re welcome to reference your favourite work of fiction ;))

- As always, the submission limit is two ~

[The deadline for this challenge will be March 1st at 10PM GMT/ 5PM EST]

For more information about the group and its submissions, please read the FAQ! If you have a question you do not see mentioned there, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Make sure to submit your piece using the ->submission<- page, and tag it for the appropriate challenge! If you don’t complete in time for the deadline, still post it to your Tumblr and tag it as ‘WAC’ and 'wac challenges’! We hope you’ll have fun and improve as an artist during this challenge <3

Magical Girl Art Challenge: Day 26 - Bug

Guardian Garden Snail Ghada

(yeah I know snails aren’t technically bugs shh) A young girl responsible for caring and defending a small magical garden behind her home. Can shrink down as small as a snail to visit it and care for the flowers. Her shell is filled with all sorts of tools that help her properly care for magic flowers

Such a cool umbrella


March journal challenge, days 21-31

Magical Girl Art Challenge: Day 24 - Singing Idol

Magical Idol Charmy Mimi

Now here’s something a little more in my comfort zone. Japanese 80′s idols and magical girls were the major influence.

An ordinary girl by day, magical media darling by night, Mimi uses her magical keytar to transform and perform and to drive back an evil force trying to destroy the world’s music.

Things I Do To Help Calm Myself (Belatedly for @journaling-junkie’s March 15 challenge):

  • Walk. Walking around my neighborhood can be very calming during the spring, summer, and fall.
  • Make Art. The act of creating and problem-solving takes my mind off of everything else.
  • Write Morning Pages. Writing those three pages (nearly) every morning helps me feel more settled in my skin.
  • Write. Sometimes the act of writing can be very soothing to me, so I’ll write in my composition notebook journal or even write out lyrics if I need to write without thinking.
  • Reread favorite fics. It can be very grounding to reread favorite fanfics - revisiting old friends, with no surprises to ambush me in the storyline.

First I applied white gesso to the page, then various shades of red watercolor by brush, “stamping” with a paper towel, and over punchinella/sequin waste. Writing by my TWSBI Eco Broad fountain pen and Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink.


March Journal Challenge / Day 20 - Favorite Mythical Creature. 

Процесс оформления странички по мартовскому челленджу, день 20.
Ничего не могла поделать с солнцем, которое то выползало из-за облаков, то снова пряталось, поэтому извиняюсь за мигание света. Еще ничего не могу поделать с головой, она сама все время лезет в кадр :)


February journal challenge: days 13, 15, 17, 21, 22, 23 & 26 and March journal challenge: day 1. @journaling-junkie
These are the last spreads of my journal and I’ve just started a new one, yay! Today I also wanted to show you my old journal and my new one but it seems that you can’t attach more than 10 photos so there will be a separate post about them 🙃