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Painted wooden mask worn by a nganga (ritual expert and spiritual healer) of the Yombe people, Kongo Central Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Artist unknown; 19th century.  Now in the Brooklyn Museum.  Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum.

Bird mask of the Tsimshian people, used in initiation ceremonies.  Artist unknown; 19th century.  Collected in Nisga’a territory at the mouth of the Nass River, British Columbia, Canada; now in the Louvre.

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Turned to stone.

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Cool carving!
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Taejin Seong aka Tae Jin Seong aka 성태진 (Korean, b. 1974, Choong Ju, Chung Cheong Buk Do, Seoul, Korea) - 1: Hardly Was There Any Cockcrow, 2015  2: Mars Attacks, 2016  3: My Heart Hurt, 2016  Acrylics, Ink on Embossed Wood Panel (Photos do not come close to the beauty in his work)