art carts

wholesome, calm portable salad-bar au with @amazingphil & @danielhowell

rough sketch, as prompted by their second livestream

The BOY/BYE kickstarter is live y'all, so now I can share this print alongside other rad stuff I’ve been working hard on! 

The BOY/BYE series is here to celebrate women of color as we know them: badass, in solidarity…..and sitting in shopping carts? In our first 24 hours we made it ¼th of our goal, became a Kickstarter Project We Love, and got supported by the creator of Ms. Marvel and the artist of Batgirl/Motor Crush. Help us keep going by sharing and pledging so we can bring BOY/BYE series to you! 

For @kurapls‘s Vanitas no Carte au! I highly recommend you check it out if you like vampires. Just go here

While it is an au, you do not have to read vnc to understand the story although it is nice if you check it out as well <3

Design by Mint-053 @ Deviantart, a few modifications were made

I might do a Dazai vers if I’m not lazy orz


Reebok InstaPump Fury “Kaws Tribute”

Tribute to the famous Kaws, we have combined more than 10 differents painting from the artist to create one of our most detailled custom