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i just want to appreciate your art style for a second like its so beautiful???? are you self-taught or did you take art classes? personally i consider myself self-taught but my school elective is art (and i also started drawing with anime which was a big mistake;;) BUT YES tell me the tale of how your art came to be -miki

Thank you Miki! I’m so glad you like my art style!! I’m self-taught, and also took art as an elective! 

Personally though, I’m a little sad to see that you think starting with anime was a big mistake? The first time you drew was probably because you were excited to pick up a pencil and create something you love, isn’t it? And if it was anime, then why does that matter? I understand that maybe you’re frustrated because it might be limiting, but having anime as your starting base is definitely not a mistake, because we all start somewhere and build upon it. If you are frustrated because your teachers are picking on you for it, then honestly they don’t know any better. If you’re frustrated because you yourself would prefer to pick up a different style and you keep having your art referred to as “anime”, then I can suggest studying another style that you enjoy and seeing exactly what about it that you like and trying to adjust yourself accordingly. This sort of thing will take years to develop, but drawing anime got you drawing, and it set up how familiar you are with a pencil and the fundamentals of shapes in everything you reference, so please don’t think it was a mistake!

As for me, I started drawing with anime too (as you can probably tell by my style). My sister and I would watch anime after school and record it on our VCRs (oh boy), and afterwards my sis would pause the recording on certain scenes just so she could draw it. Me, being the littler sister, just copied her. :’D I actually don’t draw as much as my sister does, I only did it to mimick her, but eventually I just drew for myself because I like such obscure things that I would love seeing more of, and the only way to do so was to create it myself! I didn’t actually think of myself as an artist for the longest time, mainly because other artists were so passionate about their studies while I only drew to make myself happy and didn’t really care about the studying. So in all honesty, I can’t say I have ever drawn anything outside of “anime”, nor do I really desire to, because I only draw for myself. In any case, the stigma against drawing “anime” is honestly so outdated and inappropriate that I don’t even let those things bother me anymore.

This is not to say that there isn’t any studying I did; I worked very hard on studying anatomy in particular, because that’s still such a weakness of mine, and the best reference for anatomy is real photos. There was a point in my life where I doodled nothing but hands and feet and legs on all my paper, because those were the most difficult for me to draw (not so much anymore; nowadays it’s foreshortening, and I’ve been…trying my best at that haha). It may seem pointless in art electives when they ask you to draw objects and fruit, but honestly getting familiar with drawing those objects really do help in getting used to seeing shapes in everything and being able to draw from that. If there is anything I wish I’ve had more practice doing, it would be drawing animals realistically (and maybe more backgrounds Lol). I wish there was more advice I can offer, but since I’m not quite a serious artist, there’s so much I don’t know myself (and I’m fine with it because I’m not planning on making a career out of this, I only want to draw what I want. And that’s okay too!)

This got really long ^^; but I had a lot to say about that “Drawing Anime is a mistake” attitude that seems to be really prevalent in art classes everywhere…anyway, thanks Miki for the ask!

Artist Spotlight: Röra Blue 

Röra Blue is the creative young mind behind The Unsent Project, who has always been fascinated with media and technology as a way to produce thought-provoking pieces.  I had the privilege of connecting with Röra to present to the Lucca Magazine readers about the complexity behind her work’s ideologies, and how her striking presence has taken the art world by storm: 

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3.26.16 // I’m baaaack! 😍 It’s been almost 3 weeks since surgery, and I’ve been dying to get back to writing (and functioning in general lol) and my bullet journal (I think I did pretty well writing again! Still a little shaky)! I started my new job this week, and I could not be happier!! The people I work with are amazing. It’s such a fun environment! They even decorated my desk for my first day (and bought me an adorable plant to start my collection!!), and I got to make this tote bag from the design to printing to sewing it! I’m so excited for this amazing start to my career 😊🎉

“What’s the hardest thing for you right now?”
“(Right) It’s got to be the future. I’m 20 years old, and I need to figure out the career path I’m going to take. I’m not going to university; instead I am going to work in the nail art field. I don’t think I need to go to university; my dream is to be a successful career woman. If I am successful at running a nail art shop, then how would I be any different from other CEOs.”
“You must have had a good impression of nail art after you tried it.”
“No. Honestly, I’ve never gotten it done before.”
“You’ve never tried nail art before? How did you decide on that career path then?”
“Right, well strangely enough I just had a feeling that I would be good at it.”

“지금 본인을 가장 힘들게 하는 건 무엇인가요?”
“(오른쪽) 아무래도 앞날이요. 제가 스무살이라 진로를 결정해야 하거든요. 전 대학을 안 가고 대신 네일아트 분야에서 일하려고 해요. 꼭 대학을 나와야 한다고 생각하지 않아요. 제 꿈은 스스로 성공한 커리어 우먼이거든요. 제가 네일아트 샵 원장으로 성공하면 그것도 CEO잖아요.” 
“네일아트 받아보시고 큰 감흥이 있었나봐요?”
“아니요. 사실 한 번도 받아본 적 없어요.”
“한 번도 네일 아트 안 받아보시고, 네일아트로 진로를 결정하신 거에요?”
“네, 근데 이상하게 제가 네일아트를 잘 할 것 같은 느낌을 받았거든요.”

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The main question is: are you good at networking? If yes, then don't go to college. You can get in touch with all the people you need to by finding out what publishers/clients you're trying to get to hire you and contacting them ahead of time. Ask them if they know someone who might hire you if they are not. If no, don't go to college. Learn how to network. (*source: someone over 30k in debt and not in the art career they planned on)

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