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48 hours after the Christmas Special

- The Kalagang opening scene

- Hernando FUENTES (!!!) as an art professor

- Amanita CAPLAN !!!! I just hope she got some “me time” by the end of the season 2 because she looks like she‘s done.

- I SCREAMED at “speaking of faces… I must say you’re looking a little different these days. - New barbershop !” 


- My baby Sun with Soo-Jin and her drawing of her dog and the “WELCOME HOME” scene

They have to drop an entire episode with Sun beating the shit out of Joong-Ki and then when she’s done each of the sensates takes turn beating him too. He needs to go.

- Worlwide Birthday party. 

- Tina Desai as Kala DANDEKAR. That’s it. 

She killed it and i hope she keep shining during season 2.

- “It costs me the only thing I have ever really wanted” and then Kala appears

- “WE ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER” No just kill me and it will be better seriously

- THE SNOW FIGHT and the “ohh shit” from Kala

- And please stop with the “we are going to kiss and it’s going to be beautiful and save the world” and they don’t because i didn’t wait all this time for this !!!


- She broke Rajan’s dick. you know this a bad omen. The mariage is doomed and we get a divorce by the end of season 2. YAY!!!

I’m mad they made her marry Rajan but i get it I guess. She doesn’t want to just be Wolfie savior and wants to be better and have a non my-safety-and-my-lover-safety-are-in-danger-everyday  life with Rajan.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m also mad they didn’t show us the wedding or at least a scene when she made the decision to marry Rajan. You have people saying she’s stupid, needs to grow up and make up her mind when she chooses to build something with Rajan knowing she will never return the love he has for her.

- And can we talk about Rajan ? I want him to stay good but like duuude you finally get married, you have concerns because you two have not had sex on your honeymoon in beautiful Positano and you gonna ask HER MOTHER is she’s a virgin instead of talking to her????????????????????????????????????????? And also when he was ready to leave Kala because he realised she did not love him and as soon as she said with winky eyes Let me decide tonight, everything is okay now??????????????????? SMH messy

- Finally RIP to this scene that we will never see :

Waiting for May 5th

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If she can produce a case in one week starting today verified by three medical experts that she and i pick of a woman who became ‘retarded’ (her words) due to HPV vaccine i will donate that to a charity of her choice. She must donate 10k to a charity I pick if she fails to do so.
—  University of Pennsylvania bioethicist Art Caplan • E-mailing reporters with an offer of a challenge for Michele Bachmann, in response to her claims that the HPV vaccine can cause mental health issues. Here’s what we think is going to happen here — Bachmann is going to ignore Caplan because, if she doesn’t, she’s going to be proven wrong. That’s pretty much her only option for not looking stupid here. source (viafollow)