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OFF-SCREEN POST #23 - February 16th, 2016

An off-screen post is an undocumented event shown simply for convenience of the audience. Since this wasn’t recorded or posted by the boys, any direct mentions to of this event to the boys should be avoided unless the characters address it themselves.

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Meanwhile the elves of Glemshire have made friends with the amazing Northern Owyak. Owyaks serve as great companions and are highly respected in the elf culture. Elves also use the owyak’s wool for clothing. It is supposedly the warmest wool in the world. #nationalgeographic

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Fear not, for what goes around comes around
What once was lost shall be found
Remove the shroud, the truth speaks loud
Answers to riddles spring forth like flowers from the ground
Understand that the truth is under your nose, and you will be unbound

It’s World Environment Day! 🌏❤ I wanted to share a special painting of mine in honor of today 💗 This is my painting “Weeping Camel” I painted in 2010 🐫💧The Camel is weeping because it’s a rare Bactrian camel who’s species is almost extinct.😔 The parakeets are Carolina parakeets, which sadly are extinct already.🐦💔 This piece was meant to be a reflection of how we as humans are affecting our environment, a topic I feel very strongly about.  🌏✨The world is precious, we ALL live in it and we have to protect it. 🛡✨ No matter where you are on the planet it matters to keep it clean and protect the animals on it for the future of our planet. 🐯🐰🐦🐫 We can make a difference if we all work together! 👧🌏👦Even if it’s just recycling or buying organic, cutting 6-pack plastic can rings, planting flowers for bees, small things matter. 💚 So let’s help the planet however we can and spread happiness and joy to make this world a better place one step at a time! 😊💞 I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic day! 😁😙💚