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3rd week of May
“The thousands of moons, The river above the sky, I made it all, I take you to the moon.” Jonghyun Moon
Here is my blue spread for last week! May is almost coming to an end.  (# ̄ω ̄)


Quick simple sketch about flower. Just play the color and brush pen #bkksketchers#art#drawing#watercolor #sketch #uskthailand #fountainpen #urbansketchers #bangkok#thailand#ki_love_thailand#uskbangkok#bangkoksketchers #calligraphy#handwriting#lettering#ลายมือ#kiwriting #อักษรวิจิตร #คัดลายมือ

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May 2017 Printables and Desktop Wallpaper // freebies from thearialligraphyproject

Hooray for a fresh new wallpaper! I’ve been feeling the [extreme] heat of the summer lately so I wanted to make something cool and relaxing to the eye for this month’s design.

I’m also bringing back the list layout for calendar printables! Now you’ve got a motivational quote to keep you going through the month and a space to write your goals and some notes!

Download this month’s freebies: calendars / desktop wallpaper

A tagged snapshot of your computer, phone, or study space using these freebies would be very much appreciated. (Use #thearialligraphyproject or #arialligraphy!) 😊


Mosques domes

Most mosques also feature one or more domes, called qubba in Arabic. While not a ritual requirement like the mihrab, a dome does possess significance within the mosque—as a symbolic representation of the vault of heaven.


🌿 [14 / 12 / 16] • Week One 🌿

This week has been going really well! I bought a leuchtturm to use as a bullet journal and it’s helped me a lot to know what to do and get it done. Now I just have to get through the rest of the week and keep trying to be productive.

~ Reese 🍵