art by tfail

Dear friends, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Tina St. Claire is sadly going to pass as a result of her Cancer.
I have sat with her everyday for the past 2 months, holding her and telling her I loved her daily, as she has gracefully prepared to leave us, with no fear, pain or tears, to depart this world for the next.
This is undoubtedly a tragedy, we are going to lose a beautiful human being far too soon. Tina was a undeniably talented individual who’s art was loved by many and who herself is loved even more by those who knew her close.
As her fiancé, closest friend and her artistic partner I cannot express the grief and sorrow this situation has left me with. However, I hope that you will take from her what I have and not allow this information of her inevitable passing to take you to a place of darkness.
Instead, please use the emotions that come from this as a source of inspiration and create something beautiful. 
Honor her life by doing as she had done, loving, creating and caring with a open heart - giving 100% of yourself to all and everything that you believe in no matter what the consequences may be. It will be worth it, I promise.
Dereck Seltzer / @hauntedeuth