art by te


So, I bought a kind of a miniature dragon for my Dragonknight, and immediately ended up sketching like 3-4 pages worth of silly doodles about their interactions. So here: the adventures of Davius and Snek.

I can’t believe I actually took time to color and shade all these. o_o Ah well, good practice to ensure that my new system works properly.

Perche sei mia              (Because you’re mine)
Perche ti voglio             (Because I want you)
Perche mi vuoi              (And because you want me)
Un mondo si apre         (A world is opening)
Intorno a noi                 (Around us)

- Andrea Bocelli’s “Cantico

I think of this song whenever I think about these two skating together.


Te Ka and Te Fiti

I loved this movie so much. I already had high expectations for it before entering the theater and it was far better than I thought it would. I highly recommend seeing it if you’re able to.

(Please tag as Moana Spoilers, or however you tag your spoilers. Plus note, please notify  me if I spelled the names wrong. Misspelling them is the last thing I want to do.)