art by rinacat

Quick slap in digital colours to my gel pen doodles. Smurfs AU where the Smurfs are as tall as humans (wouldn’t that make them some kind of blue elves…?).

Heavily inspired by @annchann-art‘s Smurfs AU. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

I like the idea that even in this AU, Smurfette was originally made by Gargamel, as a servant perhaps (because he’s broke and can’t afford to hire). As time flies, the dark magic within her started to fade because being influenced by goodness when she met the Smurfs.


So after watching the Smurfs: A Christmas Carol and Legend of Smurfy Hollow specials (which I actually enjoyed), I went and rewatch the 80′s Smurfs cartoon because 1) I sure as heck don’t remember a lot of them when I was a kid and 2) have not been having good days lately. So gonna watch some lighthearted cartoons.

And… I’m rediscovering my love for the series. I’m surprised that I can still enjoy watching it today. Granted, not all the episodes are great. 

Still haven’t watch the live action ones and not planning to. 

Still haven’t watch The Lost Village but will watch that one.

Update: Finally watched The Lost Village and I absolutely love it!

Mary Read and Anne Bonny from Assassin’s Creed IV.

Outlined in art pen, coloured digitally.

Commissioned by Bekah.

I talked to Bekah about considering doing art commissions a few weeks ago (because I haven’t done this for a long time) and she said if I decide to do it, she would be the first on the list.

Originally I planned on starting the commission next month but hey, why not just start the first one at the moment and see how it goes. Will put up a proper info for the commission price and details soon.