HideHaise week Day 1: First meetings/ Vague Memory/ Keeping Secrets

Hi everyone ! Did you liked this first doujin ? i didn’t make too many mistakes in english? i’ll be doing one short story like this for everyday, i hope you’ll look forward to it !

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I might be posting the others late because of health reasons ))

okay basically here’s a better introduction of the four main characters in the RPG
(Rexige and Ahri belong to me, Ghi and Nejami belong to Amamilla)

Rexige (pink hair) acts strong but is actually a wimp but is actually strong (lol)
He calls himself a hero but hasn’t actually saved anybody
And he has a Ghi complex

Ghi (orange hair) is a tsundere shota (Hibiya Amamiya pls)
he’s a mage aaaaaa (//magician fetish)
he acts like Rexige is an idiot which he is but he gets attached (I ship it so much)

Nejami (golden hair) is basically this Ask The Len blog except that he has a severe potato obsession JK JK actually he acts polite but once you get to know him he’s pretty direct and probably pretty rude and is fabulous and selfcest-y
he sorta has a sister complex too

Ahri (blue hair) is Nejami’s adopted little sis and was the Mary equivalent in our Ib RP where these characters originated
She’s (probably) not evil in this RPG but she’s still pretty scary
she just stares at you and makes you uncomfortable


I and my girlfriend were chatting about how it would be a relationship between Clear and Sly Blue. It probably would be fluffy and adorable, since Sly would receive all the love he is needy of.