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Marichat May Day 7: Happy Pawing

He took a nap once and Marinette discovered he was a cat even in his sleep. She couldnt miss the opportunity and recorded it. So he traced a plan to get his revenge…

…but it kind of backfired.


The Beard Sequel has arrived
You guys know Chris is Full Chop Bald now right





Multiples Bonuses because I cannot stop:


I feel bad for spamming you all with My Problems when you’re here for the engaging Sans discourse, so have some Human Sans doodles that I’ve been accumulating over the past month and a half.

Tbh, you should be surprised it took me this long. :V

I love the fandom and it’s creativity
This Au belongs to @thebbros
If ya see ur child then u have great eyesight
I’ll include the new ones next time

Cady: @yan-dark
Freja & Fiona: @frej3318
Ximena: @axvwriter
Luma: @xxyuuxchanxx
Caroline: @z0mbie-wolf-sage
Jace: @pwnage101
Beverly: @furrehfrenzeh
Jeremy: @universecipher
Bianca: @kawaiitalesans
Prade & Milan: @catfok
Vinny & Poud: @katethepeach
Sweetums: @sherlock-sparkles
Koddie: @thesoupsoup