art by kj

  • Camila: *phone starts ringing*
  • Cole: *looks at who is calling*
  • Cole: *laughs* You still call your dad 'Daddy'?
  • Camila: *answers call and makes direct eye contact with Cole*
  • Camila: Hey, Lili
  • Cole: *chokes on holy water*

A slight pause from the bughead art (I get the most requests for bughead but there were also other scenes I wanted to draw! Don’t worry though, there’s more bughead art on the way haha ✌️)

This scene is one of my favorites too, and although it’s not bughead, it’s bughead-related.

“It’s just sometimes when people do nice things to me, I short circuit. Maybe I’m not used to it. Maybe I’m scared of getting hurt, of being rejected for being myself.” –Jughead (Riverdale)

This scene messed me up, but I’m not complaining.