art by kaiplue

Like all muggle borns, Cloud had to learn his gift of magic the hard way. From a very young age Cloud was already showing small signs of magic in certain situations. His mother had noticed his special gift and has always told him that he was special. He was a very shy and quiet boy who mostly keeps to himself. Other kids deem him as strange. So, more often than not, he gets himself bullied and often gets into fights with the other children, which, at one point, provoked the magic out of him out of defence. Because of this, Cloud was always singled out by the other children as well as some of the adults in his village. Especially after they thought he had endangered his childhood friend Tifa in Mt. Nibel when he was only trying to save her from danger. That’s why when Cloud finally got his Hogwarts letter, he began to think of himself differently, that he was different from those immature kids. And from then on he swore that he would prove himself to everyone. 

Brief History of School Experience: Hogwarts feels like a second home to him. It could be treated as a breath of fresh air from the judging eyes of the village folk back in his hometown. The moment he lands in the school during his first year, Cloud was very eager to learn everything— To show what he’s got. He tried his best to excel in every class, but some subjects that he clearly wasn’t interested in fell short. He took a particularly great interest in Defence Against the Dark Arts having a knack for combative magic. Cloud as it turns out is also a skilled flyer though he does not quite make the Quidditch team. He’s made quite a few friends for himself and he particularly values his friendship with a student who is his upper classman, Zack Fair. Cloud looks up to his fellow House mate and practically idolizes him.