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Kidge- So which of us should explain we just stole a bomb?

“I can’t believe that worked.”

“Of course it did,” Pidge wiped a line of sweat off her brow as they leaned against the ship’s wall. “It was my plan.”

Keith curled in on himself, a hand raking roughly through his hair, “I cannot believe that worked.”

“So are you going to pilot, or do I need to and you can tell Coran we were right about that bomb existing and that we have it now?”

Keith turned his head to stare at her, eyes a little too wide, and something wild in the expression.

“Okay, yeah, so I’m piloting. Come on. To the cockpit.”

He reached out, grabbing her hand, stopping her from walking away, “Pidge.”

She huffed, “What?!”

“Do you have any idea how reckless that was? What if I hadn’t followed you? What if I hadn’t been fast enough?”

“You sound like Shiro.” She sighed, turning back to him. “It was one of My Plans, Keith. I calculated for all that. We’re the Sword and Shield of Voltron, right? I know how you operate, so–”

His brows furrowed in frustration, “You infuriating, brilliant, reckless–”

“Geeze,” She rolled her eyes as he continued sputtering out less-than-flattering adjectives. “Don’t bust a blood vessel trying to compliment me. I don’t think you’ve got the right to call anyone rec–”

His hand was on her cheek, turning her face back towards his before she realized he’d stepped closer, and his lips were on hers as he pulled her closer with a desperate energy.

Their lips parted and she blinked up in shock.

“Do you have any idea how badly you scared me back there?”

“Getting a clue now. Maybe.”

“Maybe? I–”

“I trusted you to follow along with my plan without saying anything. Something I don’t trust anyone with. Ever. Maybe I’m not the only one who needs to catch a clue here.”

He looked frustrated for a moment, “I’m trying to say I– Oh.”

“Oh,” She parroted back with a smirk. “We really do need to update Coran so he can tell Allura to start making an exit strategy from these ‘negotiations’.”

He didn’t release his hold on her, eyes drifting back to her lips, “They can handle it a little longer, we need to catch our breath first.”

“Not right now, Knife Boy.” She pushed up on tiptoe, pressing a quick kiss to the corner of his mouth before twisting his arm in a an escape maneuver he’d taught her and trotting off down the corridor, “If you’re going to be my boyfriend, you’d better start calling me Katie.”

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SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - Chapter 48: Wrap Up - THE END

Hey everyone. I don’t see myself getting back to this fanfic at any point in the near future, and a brief chat on twitter with @lordzuuko/mackorel made me realize that it might be nice to post a summary of how I wanted to end the story so everyone has a bit more closure to the tale than where I ended up stopping.

So happy jasico week folks, this is a brief summary of how the story ends. Please enjoy.

After the private announcement of Jason and Nico’s engagement, the SPQR team, Thalia, Bianca, and Mike sit down together to come up with a plan to deal with Hades in a way that leaves Bianca and Nico free of his influence without incriminating them in his criminal endeavors.

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jasico + strangers stuck on a ski lift


I had to look up how to use a ski lift, so please forgive me if his is inaccurate.

Hit me with prompts folks: [link]

“Hey, Pipes, wait,” He let his hand drop in defeat as Piper and Leo’s lift chair ascended smoothly up the slope, leaving him staring helplessly at the parade of slow moving benches. “I don’t know how to get onto this thing…”

There was a huffed snort behind him and he turned, ready to defend his dubious honor. Sure, he was tall, blonde, and muscular, but you didn’t just magically know how to do things. You had to learn. You had to be taught. He would not be—

His jaw dropped a little bit. The man standing behind him with a crooked smile was gorgeous. Thin, with long limbs and a pale triangular face framed by dark curling hair. If he had a type, this guy was it.

The man shook his head slightly, still smiling, “So did they ditch you on purpose or by accident?”

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Pidge and Lance (shippy or not, up to you) and some good old sibling bonding?

Okay, so saying “shippy is good” then hitting me with the broad prompt of “sibling bonding” was kinda hard, but I think I managed. Folks sending me additional prompts, please try to give me a more specific scenario (like ski lifts) instead of a very broad theme. If I had better ideas I wouldn’t be begging for prompts.

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Pidge/Lance (unrequited?) - Sibling Bonding

“Oh my god Matt, I’m not five anymore!”

“Five was probably the last time you had a regular sleep schedule!”

“I. Am. A. Paladin. Of. Voltron!”

“I’m still your big brother, so what I say goes!”

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Fun with re-designing a time travelling Bart and Jenni, 31st century speedster grandchildren of Barry Allen and Iris West, for CW’s The Flash universe. I’ve tentatively assigned them as both working for the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Barry turned a tight corner, and found himself in an old playground near where he had attended school back when his mother was still alive. He took a deep breath, trying to replenish his lungs from the merry chase he had just been lead on while the two smaller speedsters looked on.

They were both dressed in uniforms similar in basic style to his own, but the colors were white with blocks of red for the boy and blue for the girl. The girl’s skin was a slightly darker shade than the boys, and there was something familiar in the shape of their features. They both sported the lightning bolt insignia Cisco had designed for him barely a year ago.

“Hey,” He smiled nervously at the eerily golden eyes that tracked is movements, seeming to ready themselves to run off again. “I just want to talk, you know?” (cont…)

It's Human to Need to Properly Name Things

ShiroPidge Week 2016 - @shidgeweek Day 2: Katie Holt
The Paladins rescue Matt Holt, and Pidge’s other name finally slips out.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2368
Notes: Matt Holt and Lance cameos, beginning of realization for Shiro, female pronouns for Pidge  
AO3: [link]

“So, that’s really her brother?”

“Yeah,” Shiro sat down heavily next to Lance in one of the Castleship’s many lounges. “Matt was on the Kerberos mission with me.”

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Dead, but not Gone

ShiroPidge Week 2016 - @shidgeweek Day 4: Angst
Concept inspired by discussions on twitter with @SarahKFetter
Rating: PG - character death, angst
Word Count: 2751 
Characters: Katie “Pidge” Holt, Matt Holt, Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane
Notes: angst, no relief, female pronouns for Pidge, romantic Shiro/Pidge, major character death
AO3: [link]

“We don’t have time to mourn,” Allura drew herself up taller, even as tears pooled in the corners of her eyes. “However much we would like to. We have to go after Zarkon. We must keep pressing this advantage lest we lose it.”

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Short Hair

Read on AO3 [link]

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]

Just some quick, self-indulgent fluff themed around the changing hairdos of the two characters.

He woke slowly to the strange feeling of fingers running back and forth along the side and back of his head. It was a gentle thing, so unlike anything in recent memory. He could hardly remember the last time he’d had any sort of gentle skinship that he hadn’t initiated. The Team was making a coordinated unspoken effort to make sure there was more positive physical contact in his life. High fives, encouraging slaps and punches to his shoulder, bone crushing (and often desperately relieved) hugs. It was deeply appreciated and comforting in its own way, but none of that was particularly gentle. So now gentleness like this, seemed strange and almost alien.

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“It’s time I taught you the finer secrets of the Speed Force,” one corner of Max’s mouth lifted in a familiar smile.

“Says the man on the couch,” Bart replied, trying not to laugh at the echo of years coming full circle on his relationship with his mentor. For the first time since then, he might finally be ready to fully listen. To learn the things only Max knew.

ElfGrove’s Kid Mercury: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Thank you for the prompt babemagi!

As requested, a rundown of the backstory for my CW Flash versions of Jenni and Bart.

“Okay Brainy, who are the twins out in the lounge?”

Brainiac 5 didn’t even bother looking up from the console he was working at to address Cosmic Boy, “The new Legion recruits you wanted. I’m encoding their rings and patches now.”

“I was drafting up an auditions announcement when I got your call. That’s how we recruit new Legionnaires, in case you’ve forgotten. You can’t just hand pick random–”

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Short Hair part 2

[AO3 mirror]

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]

Shiro/Pidge Fluff fic with meddling Lions

It was early morning around a week later when he made his way down to the Black Lion, only to find it had moved to sit so it was half in the Green Lion’s hangar. Its head rested on giant paws, watching over the Green Lion and her Paladin with a look Shiro would have called proprietary had the giant robot been a living, breathing animal. There was a smugness in the corner of his mind he identified as his connection to her.

“Was she up all night making modifications to the Green Lion again?”

He didn’t really expect an answer, but there was a sense of something very like a ‘yes’ from his feline partner.

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AU: Pidge is Alice Roosevelt

ShiroPidge Week 2016 - @shidgeweek Day 3: Alternate Universe
Historical AU re-imagining Katie Holt as the infamous Alice Roosevelt, daughter of US President Teddy Roosevelt during her 1905 diplomatic peace delegation to Hawaii, Japan, China, the Philippines, and Korea. We blame @osheamobile and @walkwthoutrhythm for encouraging this concept.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2703
Characters: Katie “Pidge” Holt, Matt Holt, Sam Holt, Lance McCain, Hunk Garrett, Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane, Shay
Notes: no Lions, not fully researched and thought out–just a fun proof of concept, female pronouns for Pidge, romantic Shiro/Pidge
AO3: [link]

She swept into the room again, a sheaf of papers in hand. “In hand” was too gentle a description actually. A sheaf of papers brandished dangerously above her head, already being shaken in time to the tirade– impassioned speech they were surely about to be subjected to. 

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Bad Diagnosis - Part 1/6

Rating: T - angst, facing mortality, friendship, lion-paladin bond
Word Count: 1742
Characters: Katie “Pidge” Holt, Green Lion, Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane, Allura
Notes: angst, female pronouns for Pidge
AO3: [link]
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She rolled over in the bed, pressing her forehead against the mattress harder, hoping the pressure might provide some relief.

She waited.

Two long breaths.


It didn’t help.

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SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 18

#Superhero AU [AO3] | First | <<Prev | Next>>


He rolled over in bed, and blinked into the complete darkness of the room. He was relatively certain this wasn’t the first time he had half-woken up, and there was no way it was still that dark out. Come to think, even if it was still dark, some of the light from the city below should be partially illuminating the room since he hadn’t pulled the blackout curtains before going to sleep.

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SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 6

#Superhero AU [AO3] | First | <<Prev | Next>>


Jason flipped through the air as he flew, landing behind the bank robber in a crouch. His purple cape flared behind him in a way that was a result of drilled in practice. He’d been trained not only to fight effectively, but to look good on camera while doing it. A corner of his mind was annoyed by the vanity of that part of his training, but he also knew it was a useful tactic. It intimidated his enemies that he seemed so flawless and composed, while it simultaneously endeared him to the average civilian and news media. Nothing to criticize. No bad photos to distract from the actual victories. What seemed like sheer vanity was part of the SPQR overall strategy.

The criminal turned midstep, clearly planning to move back the way they’d come.

Too bad.

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