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*EDIT* So originally this was going to be the end of the comic altogether because I started this as an exercise but I love these guys so much I’m going to keep going.

From now on the updates will be batches of 5-20 pages but less regular. The plan is for each short chapter to add more to this universe and the characters! (And maybe explore other people’s POVs) I hope you keep following and enjoy what comes up.

Thank you so much for reading Mr.Hare & Mr.Bear!!! Next Update in May!


for more examples:

(these prices are for 1-2 characters anything more will be extra)

sketches- $25
sketch w/ background - $35
colored - $45
colored w/ background - $65

One Color, Two Characters and A Place = One Page Comic -$50

Send me a color, two characters (fan or OC) and a place and I’ll draw a one page comic based on what you gave me.  (feel free to give me a rating too if you want haha)  all for $50

Regular Comic Commissions!

base price $50 - email me and we can figure out how much depending on what you want and how many pages :)

(I’ll do fanart and OC’s, NSFW … and pretty much everything lol but if you ask for something I’m not comfortable drawing please understand I have the right to turn you away <3)


As of right now I can only take Paypal!  Sorry!

If you’re interested shoot me an email at and we’ll go from there! I’ll start on it after I get paid, and in the order they come in.  If you need it quickly (like if its a last minute gift for a birthday or something please let me know and I can work with you! ^__^)

Thank you!  

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