art by dani

I know it’s OOC but :^) I’m just channelin my thirst to Fight to Deku rn : ^ )

Danie, Danie, let them live…! X’D

But thank you so much, this made me laugh out loud. Gosh, look at him - I’m scared here, too! XD Everybody hide. This is no exercise, this is the real deal, this is an angry Deku and nobody wants to witness that rage.

Thanks, I’m feeling much better now! =D

that one au where eren and mikasa are kpop idols and they cross paths at the airport and decide to walk together because they don’t get to see each other often so this is always rewarding for them (◕‿◕✿).

permission to post. eremika commission art by @lolakasa ღ !

nina and daniela for @smoltinypumpkinchild


nina doesn’t give in and now has a nice new bob