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Design: Aston Martin Lagonda Photographed by Tomek Olszowski

Cult cars don’t come much less conventional than the Aston Martin Lagonda. Only 645 were ever made, and they’re like no other car before or since. 

The wedge-shaped body is the height of a Porsche 911 but over five meters long, with an outrageously space-age dashboard. In this shoot by photographer Tomek Olszowski, a touch of seventies noir accents the car’s angular forms, introducing it’s beauty to a new general of design and car lovers alike. 

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New Undertale AU: Street Racing!!! (inspired by “Inicial D” and “Fast and Furious”)

Monsters and humans live together and at peace(sometimes), no war happened in the past and no sealing on the underground stuff. When there’s trouble, humans and monsters get things done by “dueling”: car racing, videogames, radical sports, etc…

Car racing is the most used way to get things done, especially if its on the street…and at night. Monsters are many times associated with radical sports because of their special abilities, they even have their own city for their car racing.

Frisk: A lost child that got almost run over during a race. Sans found them wounded and scared. Sans took them in and no questions were asked.

Sans: A mechanic with a big scar over his left eye, half blind from it. Don’t question it, just leave it be. Sans gets into races with his younger brother just to keep ‘an eye’ on him, and he never gets too serious about them, for Papyrus desmay. When his eye is activated, Sans can see 10 minutes into the future, sometimes he uses this to win races, others to avoid confusions with people.

Papyrus: His dream is to be a cop one day, and he believes that if he wins these races that he will be able to become one. Papy always makes sure to use his car racing uniform - “Protection above all!” - and he always gets upset when Sans isn’t using his jacket. When activated(stressed)Papyrus right eye is able to make his body more agile and fast, and make things look like their in slow-motion for 5 minutes.

Gaster: The skele-bros father, former car racer pro and inventor. Died on a car accident(believed to be a murder) along with his wife, Arial. Sans and Papyrus(as children) eyes were a result of that accident, due to the fact that Gaster was carrying a special solution for a new type of race car, thats spilled over their faces. Gaster left them two special race cars created by him and his wife, which Sans takes care with lots of love. To this day, Sans still blames himself for his parents death.

Mettaton: A robot racer with a great personality and a big ego. He craves to attention, fame and love. He‘s the star of the show so he must win every race. He’s the most well know car racer after Gaster, of course. 

Undyne and Alphys: Feared on the streets by young and adult racers, Undyne will not give a fuck to anyone who tries to smartass her during races, also an old friend of Sans and Papyrus. Alphys is Sans work mate and Undyne’s personal mechanic, Mettaton’s ‘mom’.

Asgore and Toriel: Asgore swore to erradicate car racing, being on the street, being professional and as the mayor, he tries every way he can, by any mean, to stop the races. Toriel, although not fond and afraid of races, he sees people happy during them so she knows that if racing is erradicated, happiness will leave their city. 

Chara and Asriel: Frisk’s twin sibling, taken in by the Dreemurrs, disapeared when Asriel died during a car race. After that, Asgore swore to stop the races, Toriel became more and more depressed and left Asgore; and Chara was never seen again.(WIP story)

Undertale © Toby Fox

Art, StreetCar Racing AU © me