art by barbitone


This was my Merlin Hols gift for Nympha_Alba :)

Arthur is injured during an ambush, and he and Merlin are separated from the rest of the knights. They seek shelter in an old abandoned cabin that has long been used by the Pendragons on extended hunts. Trapped there by the storm Arthur finally reveals his feelings for Merlin.

This is on AO3 here

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 asked you: Doodle request: Arthur wrapping Merlin in his cape and kissing him? :3

UH. This is totally what you were thinking RIGHT? (no) My first foray into Manga Studio! As far as the lines go at least, color was added in Photoshop.

Happy (very super early) Halloween (?)

Originally I wanted to have everyone dressed up like Bucky, including Bucky. But then that seemed pretty depressing so I was going to have Bucky dressed as Captain America but that was depressing in a different way, so I ended up with Bucky-Halloween-is-stupid-Barnes. There’s just no winning with this fandom. Except for Black Widow - who wins at everything.

(p.s. friendly reminder that I do take commissions, and I have a society6 shop over here)

This has been hanging out in my sketchbook for quite a while now - finally got around to scanning it! Ink sketch from beginning to end, plus a chance to try out my awesome new opaque white pen :)

“So I hold it like this?”


Inspired by THIS post! P.S. for more musical boys check out this awesome drawing by ancienttec :)

(textures are from stock.XCHNG, which is currently mysteriously down for some reason…)