art by arina tanemura

On February 10th, 2017, the first of two volumes of an IDOLiSH7 mini photo book will be released in LaLaDX featuring art drawn by Arina Tanemura. The images are remakes of illustrations Arina sensei drew back in 2015 and posted on Twitter of the IDOLiSH7 characters in the rain. Each mini photo book will include six A5 size images. The first volume will feature Iori, Riku, Ryunosuke, Sogo, Tamaki, and Tenn. Stay tuned!

I’ve had the sketch for this sitting on my compute for over two years, and in a fit of procrastination I decided to finally finish it. 

Arina Tanemura’s works were the epitome of my middle school days, and I love all her works so much.  She honestly has the most beautiful manga art.  Full Moon wo Sagashite was one of the first manga I ever read, and is my favorite work by Tanemura-sensei.  

I wanted to do improvement pic and I choose my old “Alice & Cheshire Cat” work. My old pictures are always making me shame how much I tried to make my style look like Arina Tanemura’s art— eeeh but I’m over it. This was fun to do and I’m happy for the result.  I messed up some colors but it’s fine. I hope you enjoy!!!

DONE: Copic markers, opaque white, ink.


IDOLiSH7′s 1st Album cover “i7″ was revealed today on IDOLiSH7′s anniversary website! In addition to the album cover, images of the goods that come with the Deluxe Edition of the album have also been revealed. They include: an IDOLiSH7 light stick, an IDOLiSH7 muffler towel, and an IDOLiSH7 tin badge with art drawn by Arina Tanemura depicting the boys in what appears to be revamped versions of their Monster Generation outfits. (Not pictured are the box container the album arrives in and the photo book.) The album also includes a code to be used in the game. Please note that the Deluxe Edition (costing 7777 Yen) is only up for limited release. IDOLiSH7′s 1st Album “i7″ will be released on August 24th, 2016.