art by arina tanemura

Tanemura Arina: I drew this time’s celebration art too late so there’s a bonus…

Tanemura Arina: Who is that misterious ninja behind Mitsuki, Yamato, and Nagi’s backs!? is he an enemy? or an ally? what happens to the cooler? and the pants? find out in LalaDX7, “Cooler and Pants”, to be released on June 10th!!

※This is just a bonus image. It doesn’t have anything to do with the contents of the manga.

I’ve had the sketch for this sitting on my compute for over two years, and in a fit of procrastination I decided to finally finish it. 

Arina Tanemura’s works were the epitome of my middle school days, and I love all her works so much.  She honestly has the most beautiful manga art.  Full Moon wo Sagashite was one of the first manga I ever read, and is my favorite work by Tanemura-sensei.