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Just had to. I’ve done it already with the gnat lady from Woodland Cafe and Lady Bug, now I saw fit to do it with Martha Moth and the other Moth from Moth and the Flame (try saying that five times fast…).

Martha Moth © SteLomation 2017

Other Moth Girl © The Walt Disney Company


Finally posting previews for these since I got a good amount done- Here’s my work-in-progress art project, an entire BUG ALPHABET !!!

[ Watermarked as I like these enough that maybe I can properly self publish in the future, haha, when I have the colored ink money $$$ ]

I took a /lot/ of artistic liberty with these, though I adore bugs I rarely ever draw them, so this is a challenge in that sense. I also prioritize the clearness of the letterform over the bug making sense a lot of these times, though I make sure to try catch the feel of each critter.

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bless this Guy


“Welcome back, Hannah!”

The Scary Godmother TV specials and comic books were one of my favorite things to watch and read on Halloween as a kid, and they still are.

A big part of why I love monsters and the holiday so much probably stems from loving this series, and the many other Halloween stories that had the same charm~